5 reasons why small businesses choose the cloud

It has recently been shown that 80% of private businesses involved in foreign trade are small or medium sized businesses and many of these are growing or looking to expand and develop.

Expanding a business however means more people, bigger servers, more complex IT management, more computers and ultimately, more data to manage.

The solution to this is increasingly being seen to be cloud computing with its offerings ranging from dedicated servers, managed hosting and so on.

Small businesses have embraced this new way of facilitating business expansion, using it to control data and finance management. Here are five reasons why small businesses are choosing the cloud:

1. Using cloud servers means that you’ll be getting protection 24/7. Your information will be constantly monitored remotely and companies experiencing power cuts or hacker infiltrations will have their systems and data secure.

2. Cloud servers will simplify your filing system considerably as data can be saved in all sorts of formats. It’s all very easily configured.

3. Doing things that were usually lengthy and rather arduous such as sending out bulk emails for marketing, file sharing with many people and so on are shortened. Certain cloud services will designate certain sections of data to be shared with users – very useful indeed.

4. Cloud servers offer unprecedented accessibility. You can get your information anywhere, on any device, whenever you like, so long as you have an internet connection.

5. IT professionals will find it easy to modify and tailor to a particular business’ needs. Businesses all have different models and different ways of doing things. Having a cloud server solution ensures that you can change the way information is stored and accessed, right from the data structure through to the colour of certain tabs!

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19 Nov 2012, 11:43 a.m.

A good summary. To expand on point 3. Cloud opens up a wealth of new services and applications that many SMBs simply wouldn't have been able to afford in the past, from bookkeeping to telephony. Its all about the pricing model - pay-as-you go rather than having to make a large up front investment.


21 Nov 2012, 12:16 a.m.

Because they are not realizing that the cloud will lead them into complete and total computing tyranny, unable to do anything but what their services providers permits them to do. Their cost will eventually soar simply because there will be no alternative. Stop pushing this garbage on people. Do whats best for our rights.