Will People Fully Embrace Cloud Gaming?

In recent years the world of gaming has seen a shift in the way in which games are played and therefore the way they need to be developed. In 2002 Xbox released the Xbox Live system, allowing gamers all around the world to connect via the internet and play games together. Since then all of the other consoles have caught up and now provide the same functionality.

With this revolution in gaming ability, the actual games themselves have become more geared towards being played online, with development companies working on improving the online multiplayer functionality over the solo gaming.

But now it seems this whole idea is going one step further with the increased presence of Cloud Gaming.

What is Cloud Gaming?

Using cloud hosting services, companies such as OnLive and Gaikai can host games on their network and allow users to login via an internet connection and play them on their TV, as they would with a traditional disc in a console, but without having to go out and actually buy the physical game.

The idea with this is that it gives users instant access to games across TV, computer and even Smartphone’s with internet connections.

Will Cloud Gaming Take Over?

It is hard to imagine the fall of gaming powerhouses such as Playstation and Xbox but there are a lot of benefits to Cloud Gaming. With no need to buy the physical game the costs of gaming can be greatly reduced and on a subscription basis. Also this option means you never have to have the game with you, if you away or on your phone you can just login and access your content.

Cloud Gaming also greatly plays into the new obsession with online multiplayer gaming and will help enable that service. The only downside is that if the servers were ever to go down on which the games were hosted it could interrupt and annoy a lot of people!

The other issue is the content available on these clouds. Take Xbox which is synonymous with the game brand Halo and the only platform it is available on. If gamers couldn’t access this on a service such as OnLive would they want to switch to this service?

Cloud Gaming is definitely a revolution in the industry and will enable the expansion of multiplayer gaming online, but it will be difficult for Cloud Gaming companies to pull gamers away from the traditional gaming icons.

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