Five benefits of “blackbox” managed hosting

Two of the biggest stars in business collaboration software in the last few years have been Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint Server respectively. However, running these in-house can suck up 70% of your IT department's time and help contribute to server sprawl as you attempt to keep legacy servers and software up to date. Consider using a 'blackbox' approach to running your IT infrastructure through managed hosting services.   Here are the top five benefits of adopting this approach.

Pure Infrastructure

Very few hosting providers can offer pure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).  Virtual Internet goes beyond this providing blended dedicated and cloud servers to match your business profile.

Orchestrate and innovate

Seal IT complexity inside a VI black box that allows you to orchestrate all your IT assets under centralized dashboards supported by engineers on call 24/7/365.  Further opportunities exist to innovate your systems including automating security, disaster recovery and server monitoring.

Superhero consultants

Nothing uncovers holes or inconsistencies in your business model faster than an audit of your IT operations. It forces companies to admit weaknesses and consolidate strengths. Approach a dedicated consultant to analyze your revenue model, IT complexity and ability to respond to changing market conditions

Business agility

By offshoring your mission-critical apps via Hosted Exchange, Hosted SharePoint, or Lync/Office 365, you can immediately focus on business objectives and leave the technical difficulties and daily troubleshooting to your hosting provider.

Save money

How could we leave this out! A focused server consolidation program found under remotely managed hosting services would save you both Capex and Opex. Add in further cost-savings through managed software installation and maintenance and your 1-5 year profit/cost ratios start to look very good.

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