Samsung unveils cloud gaming service

Samsung have revealed that they will be offering a cloud-based gaming service which they will build into their flagship 7000 series HDTVs.

This is a big step forward for an idea that has been around for quite a while now. The back-end infrastructure is to be performed by Gaikai as they’ll provide cloud-based games from a number of high profile companies, including Electronic Arts.

Samsung have also said that the cloud service will support wired and wireless gamepad controllers from several manufacturers. PlayStation and Xbox owners should, therefore, have no trouble connecting to Samsung’s cloud gaming service.

The cloud service is currently entering beta testing and it has been announced that mouse and keyboard support is being considered, however it will not be available when the service first launches.

Ethan Rasiel, Samsung’s public relations director, has been explaining that only 2012 models of the 7000 series TVs would offer the service due to the fact that they will be packed with dual-core processors powerful enough to offer the performance needed to deliver a decent gaming experience.

Furthermore, the system will need to be able to react to game controller inputs in near real time in order to provide optimal gaming. Samsung understand that if the experience is somewhat lacking then people may lose faith in it rather quickly and thus stick to their PlayStation or Xbox system in favour of it.

Dave Perry, Gaikai’s cofounder and chief executive, has stated that he wants to make games more accessible than ever before. Gaikai aim to offer full game access for short periods of time in order to give potential buyers a taste of what they could potentially be getting from their Samsung HDTV.

As of yet, however, full rollout plans and pricing have not been set, although it is clear that Gaikai do aim to offer potential customers a hands-on experience, even before committing to buy.

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