Why Insight is better than Analytics and Infographics

Evangelos Simoudis continues his mission to define Insight as a Service:

Insight as a Service refers to action-oriented, analytic-driven solutions that operate on data generated by SaaS applications, proprietary corporate data, as well as syndicated and open source data and are delivered over the cloud

This definition is meant to differentiate Insight as a Service, which I associate with action, from Analytics as a Service, which I associate with data science, and Data as a Service which I associate with the cloud-based delivery of syndicated and open source data.

It’s excellent analysis and I have been learning from his approach since he first started enunciating it a year ago. The more we go into the age of big data, the more glaring the contrast with our brains, which remain about the same size as ever.

For people to make use of the oceans of data now becoming available, our software will shift away from simply telling people what is, and move towards telling them what it means.

Don’t tell me I have an influence score of 50332.111 μFonzies with a ρ{Laren}  factor of +0.033. Tell me: “Your audience likes it when you joke about your struggles learning how to dance. And knock off the Ernest Borgnine quotes.”

Infographics and analytics are hot topics now, and will retain some luster going forward. But if you are planning to fight the next war instead of the last one, think about Insight.

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