Four in five IT directors feel responsible for cloud failure

New research from enterprise IT solutions provider Damovo UK has revealed that, for 80% of IT top brass, if they move their services to the cloud, it’s their responsibility if it goes wrong.

The UK-based research, conducted by Vanson Bourne which spoke to 100 IT directors catering for more than 1000 employees, also found that for nine in ten respondents, cloud providers should in turn be more accountable, and provide greater transparency when it comes to data governance.

Interestingly, nearly 70% of respondents believed the hype around the cloud was responsible for the delay in their utilising cloudy software – as the hype meant it was difficult to establish which was good or not due to ‘vanilla statements’ from cloud vendors.

This accounted for 80% of financial service companies, 76% in manufacturing, and 52% in retail, distribution and transport.

Research from Navint Partners in October found that four in five chief execs in larger organisations thought the cloud gave them a competitive advantage.

Further, 78% of respondents believed that cloud computing was making IT management more complicated. Intriguingly enough, 96% of those in the manufacturing industry agreed this, as opposed to 68% in the financial sector.

Of course, not everybody would agree with this. Lee House, VP at I.B.I.S, wrote for CloudTech back in September that, with an updated cloud ERP solution, manufacturing companies get a system integrating all primary business functions with one manageable solution, increasing automation and efficiency for warehouses and factories.

“These findings emphasise the need for service providers to do more to assist customers in transitioning to the cloud,” said Kevin Little, Damovo UK Head of Portfolio and Consultancy, who added: “Trusting an external provider with sensitive data and vital IT operations remains a major consideration for IT departments.”

Is it simply a case of companies doing their due diligence before choosing a cloud provider? What should chief execs do to make sure moving to the cloud doesn't go wrong?

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26 May 2014, 8:45 a.m.

Any change includes risks, and must be evaluated in before. Any change needs a preparation with users, impacted this change, before the GO decision. The failure of IT projects, Cloud or not, are mostly because we do not evaluate proposals with perspectives, and we give the key to a taxi driver, bringing us to a better place, he were convincing us about! Don’t believe in IT consulting provided from vendors and such “builders/editors” engaged partners. The sellers must not provide the consulting (Beg your pardon my bad English)