Time to lighten up: Don’t get stuck in the IT past!

Over the last several months we have covered a number of technical and operational issues relating to private, public and hybrid clouds. But every now and then we all need to lighten up and enjoy the more humorous aspects surrounding the cloud hype cycle.

Here a just a few videos which tug the funny bone and offer a some pearls of wisdom. Let's start off with a Microsoft commercial which attempts to peddle their version of cloud computing by highlighting the humorous restrictions of a fictitious company called VMlimited.

Important: While you may be swayed to consider Microsoft as a cloud provider, you should probably think again: VMware, which we offer, is the leading enterprise cloud software on the marketplace and it drives our platform. We are are actually one of the few providers to offer both VMware and Xen OnApp servers to customers in the UK and U.S. This illustrates our cloud diversity, flexibility and willingness to customize cloud solutions to your particular enterprise requirement

Don't get stuck in the IT past


So, every cloud has a silver lining?


First Cloud Computing RAP ever


Windows 7 Cloud Commercial


If you have any more videos to share which lighten up the cloud, please post them as comments below! Thanks! 

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