Live Video streaming from the Cloud

Live video streaming from the Cloud is an interesting area. Cloud’s elastic infrastructure provides new ways of delivering rich media content (video and audio) . One can run their own rich media infrastructure ,flexibly and effectively at low cost with out depending on third-party hosts. This includes delivering Ondemand video and Live video streaming.

Wowza media on Amazon EC2 cloud provides such an opportunity. However, with wowza’s low subscription pricing, you can deploy it on other cloud services like Rackspace,SoftLayer,GoGrid so on.. With Amazon,Wowza comes as a prebuilt AMI. So,Create your own CDN, Own your own media infrastructure,have better control on your media delivery operations, the list goes on…

Here is a quick video I had made on how to install a Wowza media server on Ubuntu 11.04 ,Linux OS.

Also check out my Amazon CloudFront CDN live streaming calculator with a download.  CloudFront CDN now offers integration with Adobe FMS AMIs for Live streaming and content distribution.

Here is a Quick video /demo on how to use FMLE for Live streaming using Wowzamedia server that was set up.


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