Securing Your Journey to the Cloud [Infographic]

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In a day and age, we are rapidly approaching the point where companies desire that most, if not all, business applications get deployed on hypervisors. With many companies now deploying a majority of their applications on virtualized servers, it is possible to examine their infrastructure to see how they did it and what they gained in operational returns.

Going along with this trend, I felt it necessary to share this infographic I came across a while back. In a recent Aberdeen survey, IT professionals reported that, on average, they had virtualized 47% of their applications. However, some of the companies within the same study reported virtualization rates as high as 68%. What are the virtualization methods that enabled these leader companies to gain more from virtualization and far exceed the average?

Lastly, on a related note, I invite you to join us for an informative webinar, Your Journey to the Cloud: Four Steps to Virtualization Success, with Aberdeen Group on Wednesday, 9/21.



Cloud Computing Infographic by TrendMicro/VMware and reposted from CloudTweaks


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