Private PaaS – The Next Era of Enterprise IT

Central to the Government Community Cloud model is the development of a ‘Private PaaS’ (Platform as a Service).

Public Cloud providers like Azure offer a combination of hosting and built-in software components that make life easier and quicker for software developers, to write, maintain and publish new software to production environments.

Deploying this same combination internally is therefore a Private PaaS, and in my view this will be the real ‘killer app’ of the Cloud trend. This will be where the bulk of enterprise spending in the Cloud space will be concentrated, as large organizations like banks and governments leverage the power of the technology via the mode they feel most comfortable with.

The concept and the benefits of it are very nicely explained in this white paper by Apprenda, a vendor specializing in this model implemented on Microsoft .net. One Java equivalent is CloudBees.

In a nutshell where IaaS is about how virtualization enables a single hardware platform to run multiple OS instances, PaaS repeats the same effect for running multiple software applications on a single OS instance. Where virtualization amplifies the economic value of a hardware platform through running multiple OS, PaaS then expands that another dimension by enabling each OS to run multiple applications too.

This emphasizes how the value of PaaS is more about a new software layer and associated productivity benefits for developers, less so than it is about outsourcing to Cloud providers for elastic supply of IaaS.

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