Fingertip Cloud Glossary: Test yourself!

We live in a world of acronyms including SEO, CRM and SaaS. And in recent months (maybe years!) you have become becoming accustomed to phrases such as 'cloudbursting' and the 'elastic' nature of 'cloud computing'.

Several years ago, it's doubtful whether the average housewife or small business owner would have been familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or its paid counter-part, Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

But these days they often manage their own campaigns in Google and even optimize and update their website through WordPress and Social Media.

But, do you know them all, especially those relating to the cloud? Here are just a few that caught our attention. It is by no means the most extensive list but we hope you find them useful.

How many of these acronyms or phrases are you familiar with?


Cloud Glossary

CDN - Content Delivery Network. Multiple computers store content across different locations offering accelerated download speeds and higher reliability. Our CDNs are superfast and help you gain traction on Google.

Cloud Bridge - running an app in such a way that its components are integrated within multiple cloud environments (which could be any combination of internal/private and external/public clouds). Ask about hybrid clouds, which help you suck the best features out of both private and public models.

Cloud Center - datacenter in the “cloud” that rents out virtual infrastructure. We often refer to this as IaaS or Infrastructure-as-a-Service. Ask about 10,000 square foot data center in London which spearheads our cloud delivery platform.

Cloud Envy - hmmm, what's this? According to this describes a vendor who jumps on the cloud bandwagon for rebranding purposes. Thus, beware: Not all cloud vendors are created equal. See why here!

Cloud OS - More commonly referred to as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) made popular by Google marketing its Google Chrome OS in the mainstream press. By the way, one of our recent whitepapers describes PaaS and predicts that this will eventually become the most dominant form of Cloud Service in the next few years.

Cloudstorming -- Take a bunch of different cloud environments and connect them together and you have a perfect storm, or cloud that is. We love cloudstorming and offer both Xen and VMware clouds to our customers.

HaaS - Hardware-as-a-Service. More commonly referred to as IaaS. But, a simple way to understand this is by imagining how IT experts are turning hardware into software. This is really what it's about.

- A web based app that combines data or functionality from multiple sources. Think of all the apps associated with Google Maps or FourSquare and you have a picture of what's going on here. Some of the best Internet Apps of the decade are crafted using mashups!

Utility computing - This is a term borrowed from the Power industry which blended metered billing and services into a fine art form that expresses the best tenants of capitalism. Cloud computing builds upon this model. Read about the benefits of cloud computing.

Where to go from here? Check out these sources for more clarification on Cloud terms, acronyms and phrases:

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