IT: A Blocker or Enabler?

At the recent Interop New York business technology conference, I was interested to see the progression our tech world is taking; discussions around cloud computing, virtualization, networking, mobility, security and data centers buzzed throughout the conference center.

What I want to specifically highlight is a comment made during the keynote given by Werner Vogels, the CTO of Amazon Web Services. Vogels discussed the transition from IT as the blocker to IT as the Enabler.

Transforming the corporate perception of the IT department has been an ongoing battle within the last decade. It’s about bridging the gap between business and IT. This gap can’t exist anymore. Technology is such a consistently prevalent part our society today that a company who were to ignore this would be left by the wayside.

Past Mindset: IT as the Blocker. In past years, there has been less dependency and involvement of the IT department within a company. They were the techies that fixed your computer when it froze or when you got a virus. They did not work directly with the business, sales or marketing guys. It was seen as a separate entity that would slow down those busy high demand business guys. But now...those business guys are eating their words.

The Future: IT as the Enabler. Technology is now what is running every successful and savvy company. It no longer slows those business guys down, but makes them two, three or fours times as fast, productive and knowledgeable. Today’s tech talk is all about agility.

“In order to see IT as the enabler, companies must shift to being agile,” says Werner Vogels.

Agile is the future. It centers around quickness, flexibility and adaptability. Today, business moves quickly and so technology must move even quicker. Business now depends on IT, whether it is an app development, live presentations via tablets, or your entire infrastructure in the cloud. A successful business must be synced directly and flawlessly with its IT department and with the latest technology trends.

Takeaway: Move forward and take on your industry's trends hand in hand with your IT.

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