An Apple a Day

I was sad to hear yesterday about the passing of Steve Jobs. He was a man with a vision and a dream and he certainly changed the way regular people interact with their computers. I’m sure Apple will survive, but he will be missed.

Thinking back about my own experience with Apple, I recall the initially painful move from the Microsoft Windows world. It can be a bit shocking at first if you;’re not prepared.

As people start to buy iPhones and iPads there is a migration occurring. A diaspora if you will from the Microsoft hegemony. Since I’ve been using Macs for about 10 years, people frequently ask me about making the move. I thought it might be helpful to encapsulate some of the questions and answers here.

Already on your machine (see list of all osx apps and utils)
Mail email built-in
Safari browser built-in
iTunes music built-in
iPhoto photos built-in
iChat text/video chat built-in
iCal calendar built-in
AddressBook addresses built-in
grab screen capture built-in
terminal shell built-in
DVDPlayer dvd player built-in
TimeMachine backup/restore built-in
DiskUtility disk format/partition/repair, make ISO images built-in
Automator scripting and automation, including GUI elements built-in
X11 running X11 apps local and remote built-in
Facetime Video chat built-in
General Purpose Software
VMware Fusion virtual machines $80
Yahoo messenger chat free
adium Multi-chat (yahoo, msn, aol, irc, ...) free
Firefox Web browser free
Toast Burning disks $99
ishowu for recording demo videos $20 ($30 HD)
Remote Desktop windows terminal client free
Silverlight Microsoft web graphics (like flash) free
Adobe Flash web graphics free
desktop curtain for blanking your desktop for streaming free
iStumbler information on local wireless networks free
Flip4Mac wmv support esp. Quicktime player is free ハ
System Administration
DiskWarrior hard drive repair $99
MacFuse extended filesystem support (ntfs, etc) free
NTFS-3G NTFS write support (on top of mac fuse) free/paid
NameMangler bulk file renaming trial/$10
OmniDiskSweeper Graphical filesystem viewer - see where your disk is full trial
fugu SFTP GUI free
appcleaner software uninstall free
appzapper software uninstall free/$13
carboncopycloner for duping disks, etc. make emergency backup disk free
growl system notification free
quicksilver application starter free
betterzip File compression free limited or $20
ez7z 7z File compression free
letter opener open winmail.dat files trial - $30
TimeTracker Time Machine session backup information free ハ
VisualRouteLite Networkハspeed and quality information free for non-business use
Business Connections
shimo VPN client (Cisco + others) 1.x or 2.x (free vs E-15)
MissingSync Blackberry, Android, and other phone sync ca $40
OpenOffice Office Suite (word, excel, ...) free
Microsoft Office Office Suite (word, excel, ...) $149
iWork Office Suite (word, excel, ...) $79
Developer Software
Eclipse Development environment free
MyEclipse Dev Env (fancy eclipse with db, ui dev, web, etc) $30-$160
vim graphical vim - vi editor free
XMind Mind mapping, flowcharting, org charts, proj mgmt free
Plex Home theater free
HandBrake Video transcoder free
vlc Plays every video format free
Graphics / Photos
gimp image editing (requires X11) free
Music / Audio
Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes iTunes enhancements free
Audacity Music / audio editor free

Hopefully the list will help you out. If you have other things you think should be there let me know. In the near future I’ll be covering apps for iPad/iPhone.

An Apple a Day originally appeared on The Code Curmudgeon on October 6, 2011.

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