Often Missed Considerations when Moving Apps into a Virtual Environment

Moving apps into a virtual environment is a good way to reduce their dependency on the underlying hardware, increasing functionality and portability. In addition, cloud computing can improve your company’s bottom line, enhancing customer service while enabling reduction of costs. These are some of the obvious benefits of virtualization, as is the scalability that allows your workload to grow with grace. However, moving into a virtual environment has other benefits that you may not have considered.

  • Virtualization is a great opportunity for reassessment. In considering a move to the Cloud, your IT department will need to track how applications are used, and the frequency of access. This can have the hidden benefit of letting them know which apps can be decommissioned, to save costs. Conversely, deciding which programs to virtualize will help you determine which ones have high priority.
  • Virtualization is also a good time to standardize your business processes. Processes with standards in place will be the most successful in the cloud.  Standardizing can help increase your efficiency and, in some cases, may reveal new revenue streams.
  • Virtualization software is still in its infancy, but its rapid development has implications for disaster recovery.  Because of the potential for rapid expansion, many IT professionals see the current state of virtualization as only the beginning of a trend. They predict that the process will have applications not only for tasks like server virtualization, but also disaster recovery. Bear this in mind when moving to the cloud, and begin to formulate your own disaster recovery strategy. For example, during the move is a great time to decide how your organization will be notified if the cloud provider is affected by an outage.

Moving apps into a virtual environment is a smart move, because it improves performance and security while cutting costs. Another smart move is finding a partner to help your business move forward with the latest trends in technology.  Best known for solution design technologies, integration expertise and unique deployment capabilities, NEI is one of the most trusted software deployment partners in the industry.  Founded in 1997, on the core values of accountability, cooperation, integrity, motivation and respect, NEI is committed to working as an extension of your business, in order to contribute to your success in today’s ever changing global market.

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