Three Infographics to boost your cloud computing IQ

We have mentioned it enough times: By 2020 just about all IT resources consumed by people and enterprises will take place in a remote cloud, probably through a smartphone device.

This has a number of implications for how data is stored, optimized and accessed. It also has long term implications for reducing carbon emissions.

Here are three infographics which visually help you get up to speed and suggest insights into how you should be directing your future IT resources.

The current state of cloud computing

74% of companies are using some form of cloud services in 2011. We can vouch for this with an steady increase in sales relating to VMware and OnApp Xen cloud servers.

Infographic cloud summary

The Sky is Green

The total revenue for the cloud market is expected to reach $241 billion by 2020. This new market will yield over 85 millions in annual net CO2 savings by 2020. While of course we are a profit-generated provider, we welcome both the cost and environment savings that cloud computing promises. It generally reduces our carbon footprint and makes us highly efficient over the long term. It can do the same for your IT department.
The Green Cloud

Information Explosion and Cloud Storage

IDC suggests that by 2020, business-to-business and business-to-consumer transactions will reach 450 billion per day. Enterprise-generated content will exceed 240 Exabytes! And, just about all our enterprise customers who offer Magento, Drupal and other CMS e-commerce options for clients during the Xmas period can vouch for the ever-increasing demands on server capacity and performance. Cloud computing offers pay-as-you-go options to tap into additional resources, on-demand.

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