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I wrote the blog ‘Cloud Anyware‘ after learning about MITEL’s virtualized UC infrastructure.

Working with VMware they’ve virtualized the core technologies of telephony, meaning that rather than having dusty old phone switches you could now run your telephony as an estate of Virtual Machines, presenting the opportunity to leverage VM tools to enhance their deployment, as well as meaning that you could outsource it to any standardized vCloud managed hosting providers.

As this Cloud trend continues so ultimately all applications will become virtualized this way, and so you can equally continue this process of migration and consolidation, till the point you have just a single Cloud environment to manage.

Specialist hardware (mainframes, AS/400′s, phone switches, …etc.) will be replaced by low-cost commodity hardware, as this abstraction is applied to all these scenarios.

Business continuity planning life cycle

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Cloud BCP

This will hugely simplify the complexity of managing enterprise IT, and it will also make superior systems models more easy to apply, and in a singular fashion.

For example there are technologies to make it easy to move VMs between different data-centres, which can be leveraged for enhanced business continuity capabilities and solution models.

Not only will these be superior to their traditional predecessors but with all IT virtualized then just one platform is needed to achieve high availability for multiple functions, like telephony as well as IT.

At the moment technical teams typically have to design a unique BCP solution for each of them individually, typically making practical solutions either too expensive or too cumbersome.

In contrast Cloud makes your entire IT estate virtual and therefore agile – You’ll be able to move VM-based capabilities around a network of data-centres, both internal as well as from hosting providers, achieving a very high state of BCP capability but through low-cost hardware and practically manageable IT.

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