Turning IT from a cost center into a strategic business partner

After reading an article from ZDNET this week about Gartner’s predictions for 2012, it occurred to me that while well-written and provocative, the narrative was foreboding for IT organizations. The premise that cloud computing spending increasingly lands outside of IT and therefore will likely diminish the roles and responsibilities of the IT organization has some merit. 

This prediction can be proven wrong if IT managers are willing to make adjustments to how “business as usual” is done.

Other “doomsayers” have even predicted that IT will cease to be relevant outside of maintaining development projects and services for internal use only. On behalf of Innotas, I’d like to state that we don’t share that view. We will continue to believe and invest in solutions that support IT staff with tools that monitor, track, trace, and measure the work that IT delivers to its end user community. 

It is our mission to help IT organizations move away from simply being viewed as a cost center to be seen as more of a value center and strategic business partner. Delivering projects and work on time and on budget proves the value of any organization regardless of nomenclatures. 

Innotas and the IT organizations that we serve face many challenges when implementing APM and PPM solutions. But, in our opinion, the biggest barrier to entry is cultural. We often hear that IT is too busy to evaluate PPM and IT Governance software and there are too many competing projects to make decisions now versus later.   As General George Patton once said, “A good plan executed today is far better than a perfect plan executed tomorrow”.

People in IT should give serious consideration to this notion or the pundits may be proven correct. We believe there is no substitute for accountability, visibility, and productivity now versus later. Innotas continues to build innovative solutions supporting that idea. 

The DNA of most IT staff, in our view, is to say YES in an effort to please everyone, yet doing so without visibility into priorities and resources nor aligning these with the business strategy can have disastrous outcomes. 

The debate around centralized IT and decentralized IT has existed for many years but, given the many SaaS offerings in the market, this debate is heightened for 2012.  Our advice is simple: 

Act now, avoid excuses, and prioritize the acquisition of solutions that enable IT organizations to become more productive and transform them into the value center and strategic business partner that they should be.

If this can be done then business end-users will realize what they have now before it’s gone. Its IT’s job to communicate that today not tomorrow.



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