New focus on security and data portability as Cloud gets overcrowded

As the meteoric rise of the cloud continues, IT leaders are pushing for better standards to address key issues such as security and data portability in the cloud.

Only last month another organisation joined the demand for standards. IBM-backed Cloud Standards Customer Council,, announced its committee members which include Citigroup, Costco Wholesale and Deere & Co as well as launching its working groups covering such topics as: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); Software as a Service (SaaS); and Platform as a Service (PaaS), Interoperability in the Cloud, Business Patterns for the Cloud, Legal Considerations for the Cloud, Social Business Cloud Standards and industry-related working groups focusing on Cloud Requirements, including: Education, Financial Services, Government, Retail and Telecommunications.


"End users confront the challenges of implementing cloud on a daily basis. The Cloud Standards Customer Council will bring together these cloud veterans into a community where they can discover and disseminate best practices for moving to and managing the cloud and help to drive standards across industry, both to end-users and vendors to bring down costs and increase choice," said Richard Mark Soley, chairman and CEO of founder organisation, OMG.
Last year, the Open Data Center Alliance, an Intel-backed standards organisation was founded with well-respected brands such as BMW, Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Marriott International, Shell and Disney Internet Labs making up its membership. And the names keep on coming: China Life, and government-owned telco, China Unicom are also on board the alliance's steering committee. "Our intention is to be extremely collaborative with all the various organisations that spawn out there," said Marvin Wheeler, chief strategy officer of Terremark and chairman and secretary of the Open Data Center Alliance.

Wheeler said the push for standards by the multiple groups shouldn's be competitive, it should be complementary. The multiple efforts may, in the end, help all the groups achieve their respective goals, he added."Our goal would be work with [another] organisation like this very closely," said Wheeler.

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