How can cloud computing assist the medical sector?

Cloud computing has proven to have its many advantages and now it would seem that it is also helping medical science reduce its costs.

If we take the incredible amounts of data that need to be crunched through for advanced treatment purposes, traditionally it would require a set of interlinked computers, in their thousands, to configure the human genome.

This alone would require thousands and thousands of pieces of equipment...

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Technology is changing faster than the methods of procuring it

Kevin Noonan, Research Director, Public Sector, Ovum

Many procedures for government procurement can be traced back through earlier stages of technology development. Over time, procurement has delivered substantial value and, like technology, it has developed and matured. However, the technology sector is changing at an increasing pace and procurement is struggling to keep up.

Business needs have also changed. Today’s corporate priorities are more about agency-wide productivity and consistency delivering better...

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Can the cloud benefit the healthcare industry?

Medical experts and researchers have been talking about the cloud in the healthcare industry for some time. When it comes to its application in this field, the information technology seems to be on a very poor level.

The majority of medical services still practice a complicated paper-based administration. Considering how many medical records, application forms and walking-orders a hospital has to issue in a single day, another solution for the whole process is highly necessary.

Enhancement of productivity and...

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How to explain the value of PSN to public sector stakeholders

It’s fair to say that the Public Services Network (PSN) has been a long time coming. It hasn’t received the air time that G-Cloud has, for example, but it has nonetheless moved on significantly in the last six months.
As research we have conducted recently reveals, we’ve moved beyond simply talking about PSN - reaching a point where general understanding of the benefits it promises are such that it is now seen as central to public sector IT...

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The catalyst opportunity for standardized ‘Cloud Sourcing’

Faced with a need to find huge cost reductions the Province of Ontario is in the same place as many governments throughout the world – They’ve shouldered the debt to see us through the financial meltdown and now need to be smart about how they digest what they’ve taken on.

They’re also in the same place in that they’re presented with the massive opportunity of Cloud Computing and what role this IT industry trend might play in meeting this challenge, the basis of our...

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Cloud 2.0 – Business transformation strategy

The main objective of our projects like the Drummond Report and Cloud analysis, is to focus on the relationship between the technology and the desired outcomes in terms of business transformation.

The Drummond Report is another political exercise focused on the growing public sector deficits, Ontario in this case, and the author makes a number of...

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Can Public-Sector Procurement Reach the Clouds?

Cloud applications are continuing to gain prominence with both enterprise and consumer-users. The US public sector, however, is an area where the Cloud has not been equally embraced.

Take into account high-profile Cloud failures, such as the LAPD abandoning its Google Apps deployment back in December, and it may seem like the public sector just isn’t ready for the Cloud yet.Why is that? I got in touch with Alan Webber, Principal Analyst...

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UK government opens CloudStore procurement system

Small technology suppliers are among 258 firms included in the UK government’s new CloudStore, a system designed to make the process of selecting software services simpler and, crucially cheaper for public sector procurement officers.

 The online catalogue of services represents the first wave of the UK’s £60m ‘G-Cloud’ framework, and allows public sector IT departments to choose from around 1700 online ‘pay-as-you-go’ services.

For smaller providers, the system...

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Social CRM for Government

One of the presentations for our Shared Services Canada webinar will cover “Social CRM”.

This simply refers to the modernization of the CRM practice to reflect the new Web 2.0 social media world we live in, factoring in aspects like:

  • Communicating with customers and prospects through social networks, Twitter et al
  • Connecting your back-end systems to the social media world
  • Digital...

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