Kim Dotcom fights back at US government in new whitepaper

After a raid at his New Zealand mansion in January last year, the larger than life Kim Dotcom has released a whitepaper taking direct aim at the US government.

The paper goes into detail how the raid wasn’t enough for “The Government Communications Security Bureau” who continued to illegally spy on Kim Dotcom for ten days after the raid on his home, according to his lawyers.

These very lawyers, US lawyer...

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What government is teaching us about cloud email

Who said government is stodgy and wasteful?

When it comes to cloud computing, government’s on the forefront—particularly when it comes to cloud-based email. The US Army, EPA, GSA, Interior, Labor, the USDA… they are all among the government organizations moving email to the cloud under Obama’s “cloud first” policy.

The US Department of Veterans Affairs is showing particular prudence...

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Is the age of the digital enterprise upon us?

Matthew Smith, UK director of business solutions, Software AG

Analyst houses IDC and Gartner are of the same mind: the age of the Digital Enterprise is upon us.

In IDC’s view: “For the past several years, the IT industry’s transition to the Third Platform, built on mobile computing, cloud services, social networking and big data analytics technologies, has dominated the annual Predictions…for 2013, IDC predicts the transition to the Third Platform will shift into high gear, as the...

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Choosing a cloud provider: The importance of compliance transparency

Looking beyond HIPAA, SOX or PCI-DSS compliance claims

The scary part about shopping for a cloud solution is that even if the managed services provider claims compliance, this doesn’t mean that they actually are compliant. In fact, the provider may not even realise they are being misleading. Because regulatory compliance is too often left open to interpretation, your definition of HIPAA, SOX or PCI-DSS compliance might be different...

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Cisco increases the push for hosted collaboration

Claudio Castelli, Senior Analyst, Enterprise

The highlight of Cisco’s recent C-Scape conference in Melbourne was the news of its collaboration portfolio, which is gaining momentum. The company is engaging with an increasing number of service providers to position its Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). HCS offers a clear path to help enterprises migrate their communications to the cloud, and positions uniquely in the market; its delivery model is expected to disrupt the current partner ecosystem. Traditional...

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Rackspace examines cloudy cost savings in new survey

Nearly nine in 10 companies agree that moving to the cloud has resulted in cost savings, according to a new survey from open cloud provider Rackspace.

The research looked at over 1300 US and UK-based companies, as well as conducting qualitative interviews with executives surveyed.

Of course, it’s not the biggest surprise that a cloud vendor is advocating companies moving to the cloud.

In a whitepaper illustrating the research, this was made abundantly clear in terms of what the survey had found. Cloud...

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Are cloud contracts driving away business?

Cloud computing providers are increasingly falling for bad habits – they are offering customers “standard form” contracts whereby they set the provider lays out the terms, very much like insurance companies do with...

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Does copyright law spell trouble for the cloud?

A recent report from the Australian Law Reform Commission (ALRC) has questioned whether current copyright legislation in the country is stunting the growth of cloud computing.

The ALRC particularly mused whether any modifications to the current law should contain exemptions for cloud services or not.

Kim Weatherall, legal academic, was cited in the report stating a belief that technology-specific exemptions could impede cloud services further.

The report, entitled “Copyright and the Digital...

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