The Data Genomics Index: The real makeup of storage environments (Deutsch)

This whitepaper from Veritas brings together a community of like-minded data scientists, industry experts, and thought leaders with the purpose of better understanding the true nature of the unstructured data that we are creating, storing, and managing on a daily basis.

Note: this resource is in German. If you would like an English language copy, visit here. 

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How machine learning could prevent money laundering

Machine learning is being put to use in all sorts of areas today. From smart cars and homes and beyond, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are becoming a larger part of how many companies conduct business. As more and more businesses are hit with cyber crime rather than physical crimes, there has been a needed shift from commercial surveillance systems towards cyber security systems to protect...

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Cloudera sets IPO price at $12 to $14 a share, eyes near $2bn valuation

Cloud tech IPOs seem to be like buses; you wait ages for one, then two come along at once. After Okta went public earlier this month, Cloudera, a data management platform provider, said it expects its initial public offering price to be between $12 and $14 per share for 15 million shares.

The company expects 128,064,103 shares to be outstanding after its initial offering, putting its valuation at approximately $1.8 billion, and between $2.2bn and $2.4bn including...

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The biggest obstacles holding back big data success – and how to overcome them

While big data is undoubtedly high on the list of invaluable tools a business needs today – and has been for some time – many companies are still struggling to use it. In fact, according to Square Root’s Data Chasers research, while 92% of companies wholeheartedly believe that big data will revolutionise their success, only 40% are actually taking advantage of it as it was designed to be.

There are obstacles that companies have been stumbling over for years,...

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Worldwide data creation set to top 163 ZB by 2025, argues Seagate

The global data landscape will total an eye-watering 163 zettabytes by 2025, up from 16 ZB last year and the equivalent of watching the entire Netflix catalogue 489 million times, according to a new missive from Seagate.

The study, Data Age 2025, was put together in conjunction with research firm IDC, and finds that within the next decade enterprises will become the primary creator of the world’s data, at 60% by 2025. “Business leaders will have the opportunity to embrace new and unique business...

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Why machine learning is the new proving ground for competitive advantage

  • 50% of organisations are planning to use machine learning to better understand customers in 2017.
  • 48% are planning to use machine learning to gain greater competitive advantage.
  • Top future applications of machine learning include automated agents/bots (42%), predictive planning (41%), sales & marketing targeting (37%), and smart assistants (37%).

These and many other insights are from a recent survey completed by MIT Technology Review Custom and Google...

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2017’s most important trends on business intelligence and analytics in the cloud

  • 78% are planning to increase the use of cloud for BI and data management in the next 12 months.
  • 46% of organisations prefer public cloud platforms for cloud BI, analytics and data management deployments.
  • Cloud BI adoption increased in respondent companies from 29% to 43% from 2013 to 2016.
  • Almost half of organisations using cloud BI (46%) use a public cloud for BI and data management compared to less than a third (30%) for hybrid cloud and 24% for private cloud.

These and many other insights are from the BARC Research and

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Assessing biotechnology in the age of cloud computing

In order to ensure that patient outcomes are constantly being improved upon it is important that the speed of change within the biotechnology sector occurs at an exponential rate. However, this continued drive for innovation puts immense pressure on IT departments to develop new technologies at speed, while also making sure that they do this cost effectively.

Add to this the fact that, more so than other industries, biotech firms are extremely tightly regulated. As a result, IT groups within this industry are often...

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The definitive guide to big data

If you ask people in IT what big data is, chances are you’ll get a variety of answers. The answer may depend on an individual’s job function and the type and size of their company, but there’s also a lot of uncertainty about what constitutes big data, what the benefits are, and how to take advantage of it.

This extensive report from Nutanix goes through, among others:

  • The history of big data
  • Structured vs unstructured vs semi-structured data
  • The various types of big data platforms and applications
  • Infrastructure considerations for big data

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Why 2017 is quickly becoming the year of the API economy

This year more CIOs will have their bonuses tied to how many new business models they help create with existing and planned IT platforms than ever before. This trend will accelerate over the next three years. CIOs and IT staffs need to start thinking about how they can become business strategists first, technicians and enablers of IT second.

CIOs must create and launch new business models faster to keep their companies competitive. APIs are the fuel helping to make this happen.

The urgency to create new business models...

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