In today’s cloud world – phones don't need to be frozen out

Over the past few weeks in the UK, thanks to the ‘Beast from the East’ – with a third instalment potentially on its way – we have seen the usual grinding to a halt of the nation as snow has hit.

For business, such a simple, uncontrollable and unexpected event can be eventful, painful and even catastrophic depending on your business type and how you have planned for such occurrences. Snow has a wide sweeping effect, but also consider unfortunately in today’s times, terror attacks...

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The truth about unified communications – and why MSPs can’t ignore it

Some managed service providers are reluctant to offer unified communications because they think it’s a lot of time-consuming deployments for an on-premises VoIP system. Well, we have good news: hosted VoIP is here. With the unified communications as a service (UCaaS) model, it only takes a good internet connection for your clients to start enjoying a stable, cost-effective business phone solution. Making a profit offering unified communications is...

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RingCentral leads cloud business communication vendor race, says Synergy

RingCentral leads the way for the cloud business communications market with the overall landscape growing at a considerable clip, according to the latest note from Synergy Research.

The market is growing at an annualised rate of 23% driven by strong adoption of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), according to the research. The total cloud communication market is generating revenues in excess of $2 billion (£1.58bn) per year.

Synergy puts the market into three buckets; UCaaS retail being...

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Why the data protection world is a vampire – and what to do about it

“The world is a vampire.” The words to the Smashing Pumpkins song kept coming to mind as I listened to the discourse of a leading tier one carrier CISO.

I was in New York City attending one of the technical seminars that constantly come up projecting what the new New Thing is going to be. This rendition was on the insecure world of data flowing across networks. I mused that this time there was some fire to go along with the smoke. Snowden had just come on to the world stage and shone light on all...

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Collab9 gets green light as first FedRAMP-approved UCaaS vendor


Collab9, a Cisco-powered unified communications provider based in Gardena, California, has announced it has become the first unified comms as a service (UCaaS) provider to be authorised by FedRAMP, the government security standard.

The move is aimed at federal, state, and local agencies for their unified collaboration needs, with Collab9 offering messaging, both for voicemail and email, mobility, and integration with Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business and...

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Box deploys RingCentral to modernise comms platform, saving almost $1m per year


Enterprise cloud software provider Box is working with cloud communications provider RingCentral to unify its global enterprise communications in order to save up to $900,000 per year.

Box will deploy RingCentral Office, the comms vendor’s flagship UCaaS (unified communications as a service) platform, as well as planning to utilise RingCentral products which integrate with both Google for Work and Salesforce. RingCentral notes that the openness of its platform, as well as its...

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Utilising cloud to keep communications strong as the business changes

Why, at a time when top CIOs are listing cloud, mobile, infrastructure and data centre in the top five investment priorities for 2015, are so many businesses sticking with on-premise or hosted solutions to manage their internal communication systems? And how flexible are they when a business has to cope with change?

Outdated technology can’t adapt to changes in environment. This whitepaper from Thinking Phones assesses how when change is required, the internal communications cannot be disrupted.

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Why separate communication systems prevent efficient communication

It isn’t often a CEO talks proudly about the many separate means of communication his or her employees use. These days everyone knows that when it comes to sharing information in the workplace, the buzzwords are ‘integrated’ and ‘cloud’. But why? This whitepaper from ThinkingPhones assesses the landscape.

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Cloud-based voice and telephony services continues apace


Almost half of companies surveyed by Britannic Technologies said they had cloud-based voice and telephony services, while two thirds said they had a partial voice solution in the cloud.

84% of respondents said they understood the proposition of cloud computing, yet there were some intriguing responses as to why companies aren’t putting their voice services in the cloud. Almost half (48%) of those polled said they were concerned about security worries, while 38% were worried...

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How Dimension Data’s unified comms strategy continues to evolve

Brian Riggs, Principal Analyst, Enterprise Telecoms

Dimension Data’s acquisition of Teliris is the latest move in a strategy to grow its managed and hosted unified communications (UC) services business. The acquisition adds a cloud-based videoconferencing service to a Dimension Data portfolio that already includes a number of managed and hosted telephony, UC, videoconferencing, and contact center services. It also expands Dimension Data’s presence in the US, where it is eager to grow its market...

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