Utilising cloud to keep communications strong as the business changes

Why, at a time when top CIOs are listing cloud, mobile, infrastructure and data centre in the top five investment priorities for 2015, are so many businesses sticking with on-premise or hosted solutions to manage their internal communication systems? And how flexible are they when a business has to cope with change?

Outdated technology can’t adapt to changes in environment. This whitepaper from Thinking Phones assesses how when change is required, the internal communications cannot be disrupted.

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The top five questions about big data

In 2015, big data implementation is full on, which means that the questions clients ask have changed substantially in the past 12 months. This report answers some of the most common questions that enterprise architecture professionals agonise over when it comes to big data investments.

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Why separate communication systems prevent efficient communication

It isn’t often a CEO talks proudly about the many separate means of communication his or her employees use. These days everyone knows that when it comes to sharing information in the workplace, the buzzwords are ‘integrated’ and ‘cloud’. But why? This whitepaper from ThinkingPhones assesses the landscape.

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Evaluating file sync and share solutions: 12 questions to ask about security

File sync and share can increase productivity, but how do you pick a solution that works for you? There will likely be a number of factors guiding your decision, and if you’re like most businesses, security is high on the list.

Download this whitepaper today to find out the most important questions to ask file sync and share vendors about security.

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The journey to the hybrid cloud: Usage trends and business benefits

Cloud adoption continues to expand beyond the base of cutting-edge early adopters and is now reaching the ‘early mainstream’ stage, increasingly being looked at by enterprises as a viable model for agile, cost-effective IT delivery. However, the prevailing binary paradigm of cloud infrastructure – public vs private – limits the extent to which enterprises can fully leverage both sides of the equation.

Hybrid cloud solves this problem. In this download from VMware, find out deployment and usage trends, as well as the business benefits hybrid cloud provides.

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A guide to disaster recovery in the cloud

Most organisations know they need to protect their business critical information and minimise downtime in the event of outages, failures, disasters, and other disruptions. But not all companies have the budget, expertise, or time to develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.

For organisations with disaster recovery services in place, the challenge often lies in supporting the ongoing maintenance and re-evaluating the initial investment versus newer offerings as their environment continues to expand, or leases expire.

Fortunately, the landscape of disaster recovery solutions is shifting to accommodate changing IT needs. Find out more in this download from VMware.

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Why next-generation data centre technology is needed to adopt service-centric IT delivery

Cloud computing has been hyped as breaking down the silos that IT has built up over the years, but in reality, new silos are created unless cloud computing is integrated into an IT architecture. The current battle is over whether organisations go for public cloud services, or develop private cloud services by reusing existing infrastructure and adding new capabilities to deliver these services in a cloud-like way.

This download from Dimension Data examines the challenges CIOs are facing, and assesses the readiness of the enterprise to adopt a service-centric approach to IT.

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Disaster recovery, Game of Thrones style: Is your enterprise ready?

You don’t have to be an expert on the bestselling George R.R. Martin series to understand why the Game of Thrones saga is relevant to disaster recovery. The series’ beleaguered continent, Westeros, is much like a troubled enterprise – near-constant turmoil, management pressure, and the continued threat of disaster.

Like any enterprise or organisation, Westeros is endangered by a lack of continuity and poor disaster recovery plans. The inhabitants of Westeros have much to teach anyone who’s interested in business continuity and data recovery. This paper from Unitrends will explore why disaster recovery should become a priority for your enterprise – with the help of a few of the most memorable characters from Game of Thrones.

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Drowning in data: How to back up more than you can handle

You have an insurmountable volume of data with backup requirements that just aren’t realistic. So how can you stay afloat but also get to a point where backing up everything that’s required is not only possible, but is actually feasible?

This whitepaper download from Unitrends focuses on three basic blocking and tackling steps that will aim to bring some order to your backup chaos.

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Six considerations for your data centre provider on carrier neutrality

Carrier neutrality is a commonly used term in the data centre industry - but the relevance and importance of what carrier neutrality means for your business is often not explicitly shared and can be overlooked.

This whitepaper from Colt highlights six considerations you need to discuss with your data centre provider surrounding carrier neutrality, to ensure you have a truly suitable and beneficial solution.

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Escape all limitations: Cloud disaster recovery best practices

Are you confident knowing that the backup and recovery solution protecting your business-critical operations will hold up no matter the disaster – or not?

What constitutes a sound disaster recovery technology strategy? Does one size fit all? Is virtual a more reliable choice than physical backups, or is it the other way around?

Find out how much you really know about planning for the unforeseen in this whitepaper from Unitrends.

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Six steps to effective vulnerability response

The number of vulnerabilities identified in servers, operations systems, applications, and databases has increased at an alarming rate in the past several years—and the outlook going forward is no better. Systems, networks, and applications will continue to be susceptible to vulnerabilities, so it is important to be prepared for response when a vulnerability is identified.

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Listen, Publish, Analyze: The Intelligent Guide to Social Media Management Platforms


  • The new intelligent social media workflow to create better content
  • The new social media platform landscape - and how to leverage it
  • How you can use Listening, Publishing & Analysis platforms together to uncover greater intelligence


  • Marketing VPs & CMOs
  • Brand Managers
  • Agency VPs
  • Senior Marketers

Download this eBook to master the new intelligent social workflow and start leveraging the benefits today. Social media has evolved, your social team needs to use the right strategy and tools to evolve with it.

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Kurt Marko; Creating the Omnichannel Customer Experience

The nexus of mobile, social, cloud and big data is radically reshaping customer experience. This article by Kurt Marko, editor-at-large for Information Week and Network Computing, explores how Big Data, Predictive Analytics and Real-time Decisioning improve customer experience for multi-platform, mobile and social consumers.

Read this article and learn:

  • The trends and opportunities for omnichannel CX
  • Implications for business executives
  • How real-time predictive analytics transforms the multi-platform, mobile, social customer experience

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The benefits and challenges ahead for cloud operators

This whitepaper, with contributions from Alcatel-Lucent, Huawei, Verizon and more, explores the benefits and challenges confronting service providers, large businesses and network vendors. It also identifies areas of collaboration, focused on open standards, data center interoperability requirements and cloud service use cases. © Cloud Ethernet Forum 2013. Any reproduction of this document, or any portion thereof, shall contain the following statement: "Reproduced with permission of the Cloud Ethernet Forum." No user of this document is authorized to modify any of the information contained herein.

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How the WebSocket Gateway opens up the power of real-time data

Time-sensitive data is all around you. Many B2C applications deliver data with latency on the order of a few seconds; yet often the most time-critical data is in B2B, M2M, operations and logistics providers. The traditional choice has been to move this data using a custom protocol over TCP/IP, but Kaazing’s WebSocket technology changes the game for real-time data coverage. Just imagine: if you had all the power of a dedicated connection from your pocket to anywhere on the web, what could you do with it? This whitepaper from Kaazing explores the possibilities of real-time development and deployment.

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Cloud vs dedicated: Breaking the barrier between IT and the rest of your business

The CFO in your company is right now looking at every opportunity that exists to cut back costs and streamline the business. The term ‘Cloud’ has no doubt been heard a number of times, “That uses the internet doesn’t it?” was probably the response if any at all (the old chestnut, it’s better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt). So how do you explain the ins and outs of Cloud Computing when the industry is moving at such a rapid pace that those directly involved can barely keep up?

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The ROI for adopting cloud: Evaluating the business benefits of adoption

With the continued adoption of cloud computing within organisations of all sizes – to the extent that a clear majority of enterprises are using some form of cloud service – this paper gauges respondents’ attitudes towards the return on investment (ROI) of cloud adoption. Based on the 2012 findings of Claranet’s annual survey into cloud infrastructure adoption and attitudes towards cloud services, this intelligence paper reports on how businesses are measuring their return on investment (ROI) when they look to adopt cloud services.

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Effective virtualisation security in cloud computing

As more and more organisations follow the “into the cloud” concept, malicious hackers keep finding ways to get their hands on valuable information by manipulating safeguards and breaching the security layers (if any) of cloud environments. One issue is that the cloud computing scenario is not as transparent as it claims to be. In addition, the service user cannot directly control the flow of data/information storage and processing. This paper examines the various steps which can be used to secure virtualisation in cloud computing.

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Powering the Data Centre

Data centres are the basic platform that organisations have become more dependent upon. The failure of any aspect of the data centre can lead to a loss of business capability that is expensive at many levels for an organisation. With the increasing cost of energy, the most cost-effective approach to ensuring that an IT platform can continue to operate, even when power from the grid system is no longer available, has to be a high priority for any business.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Cloud Deployment

Organisations are under ever increasing pressure to reduce IT costs. One of the cost reduction methods is to move applications into the cloud. Bitdefender, an award-winning provider of innovative security solutions, has released a whitepaper outlining the design considerations that must be taken into account when moving an application into the cloud. It also explores the performance impact traditional anti-malware solutions impose in the cloud, affecting the ROI achieved by moving workloads into the cloud.

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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Reselling Cloud Computing But Were Afraid—or Didn’t Know—to Ask

In this series of four whitepapers, we will take a look at the top 12 things you need to know to successfully sell cloud computing. Part One will look at how cloud computing is changing the historic landscape of the channel as we know it, what to expect, what to consider and what can you do about it. This important background information will give you the knowledge required to lead your channel business into the new world where cloud solutions are a necessity to your customers.

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