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  • How Big Data is driving Cloud adoption among businesses

    A recent Technology Business Review study showed that big data analytics has helped in significantly driving the revenues of the top cloud service providers over the past few years.

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  • Skills gap hindering government cloud adoption, survey finds

    According to the latest research from government cloud provider Eduserv, a lack of awareness and skills around cloud computing is halting its adoption in central government. The research, conducted in January and February of 829 civil servants, found that nearly nine in 10 (88%) required some form of training in order to take advantage of cloud computing, whilst three quarters (75%) believed the benefits of their cloud were a mystery to the company as a whole.

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  • bangs the cloudy drum as it makes top 10 software revenue list

    Cloud is ‘driving the bulk of change’ in the software market as becomes the first pure play cloud company to make the top 10 companies for global software revenue, according to analyst house Gartner.

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  • Microsoft’s huge hosting survey reveals hybrid adoption figures

    A survey of over 2000 respondents by Microsoft and 451 Research has shown that half of companies have deployed some form of hybrid cloud. The report, which clocks in at a mammoth 75 pages revealed that 989 (49%) of the 2041 execs surveyed had configured a hybrid for interoperability.

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  • Amazon Web Services turns eight: Highlights...and the future

    Amidst the World Wide Web turning 25, a company in Seattle was having a little celebration of its own. On March 14 2006, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the launch of Amazon S3, described as “a simple storage service that offers software developers a highly scalable, reliable, and low-latency data storage infrastructure at very low costs.” To say the eight years which have passed since then have been a success is an understatement to say the least.

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  • Three quarters of charities say IT not up to scratch, survey reveals

    Research from Eduserv has revealed that for three in four UK charities, inertia from the IT department is stunting growth and putting doubt into future fundraising activities. The research, of 100 digital and IT leaders in UK charities including Oxfam, Macmillan and Unicef, found concern from heads of digital over moving with the times. Survey respondents argued this lack of ‘digital transformation’ would impact fundraising (73%), reputation (71%), and the ability to deliver the right services (59%).

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  • Latest cloud research notes continued struggle for channel

    Research from IT services bods MTI has revealed that UK channel businesses are struggling to meet the needs of their demands due to the accelerated growth of cloud computing. No prizes for guessing the angle of this research; if your instant thought was ‘resellers struggle in a cloud-heavy market, thus they’ll need a partner to help monetise’, then you’d be right. Yet the stats, taken from over 150 respondents with seven in ten resellers, make for interesting reading.

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  • Global cloud market will be worth $121bn by next year, report finds

    A recent report from market research firm Markets and Markets reveals that the cloud market is expected to grow to $121 billion dollars by 2015: a 26% compound annual growth rate from the $37 billion value in 2010. A large proportion of the growth of the cloud services sector is being driven by rapid adoption of Software-as-a-service platforms, which are saving businesses on the cost of licensing, management, and deployment of software and hardware for productivity and collaboration.

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  • Analysing the maturation of standards in European cloud computing

    In September 2012, the European Union released its “Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe” document, aiming for a yearly 160bn Euro (£127.6bn) boost to the European GDP by 2020 and a gain of 2.5m by the rollout of cloud. A full 15 months later, the response by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) was published.

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  • CIOs told in latest report to “embrace cloud or be left behind”

    A survey from Capita IT Services has revealed that CIOs see cloud computing as a key enabler to business innovation, yet boardrooms are “nervous” places where execs have to convince them cloud adoption is the way forward.

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