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  • Red Hat Summit summarised: The news you need to know about

    The latest Red Hat Summit taking place in San Francisco from April 14 to 17 has resulted in several product launches, partnerships and collaborations. CloudTech has gobbled up the releases and put together a summary of the essential material.

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  • Turning the legal industry tanker around on cloud adoption

    Due to the very nature of law firms, the storage of sensitive information in an external environment has naturally been met with some caution. While early-movers have been experimenting with cloud services for some time now, the majority of the sector has been hesitant to adopt until recently. In order to address the security and functionality concerns some firms still had, support and advice from respected industry bodies was needed.

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  • VMware jumps in with disaster recovery service for hybrid cloud set

    Virtualisation giant VMware has announced ‘VMware vCloud Hybrid Service – Disaster Recovery’, a service which provides a continuously available recovery site if a VMware data centre hits the skids. The system, which promises an RPO (recovery point objective) of 15 minutes, offers 1 terabyte of storage from a minimum pricing point of $835 a month, with the service available in all five of VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service data centres in the US and UK.

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  • HP: Trying to stand out from the crowd in the DRaaS space

    Back in September, Nirvanix announced to its customers that they had two weeks to move its data before the company went down the plughole. As the enterprise cloud storage provider waved the white flag, Gartner research director Kyle Hilgendorf noted in a blog post that the analyst house’s paper on cloud exit strategies was one of the least popular in the collection.

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  • Egnyte launches in Europe: Why the CEO believes the time is right

    Enterprise file-sharing platform provider Egnyte has today announced significant expansion in Europe, hiring a general manager and opening up a London branch. The company has moved Mark Rattley to the top EMEA job, with the former EMC vice president of sales coming on board as vice president and general manager for the new Egnyte Europe.

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  • OneBigDrive chief: Microsoft OneDrive naming “could lead to confusion”

    Nikola Pizurica, president of the company which provides the OneBigDrive cloud storage app, has told CloudTech that while Microsoft renaming its storage biz OneDrive “could lead to some confusion” for his firm, the company is focused on its own goals.

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  • Six of the best: Scams, shams and snoopers

    The latest edition of CloudTech’s look at the best links from around the web has a slightly nefarious tint to it, with stories of scammers, snoopers and sham artists. Thankfully though, there are some good news stories further down, proving good things come to those who wait.

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  • Skills gap hindering government cloud adoption, survey finds

    According to the latest research from government cloud provider Eduserv, a lack of awareness and skills around cloud computing is halting its adoption in central government. The research, conducted in January and February of 829 civil servants, found that nearly nine in 10 (88%) required some form of training in order to take advantage of cloud computing, whilst three quarters (75%) believed the benefits of their cloud were a mystery to the company as a whole.

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  • Interoute launches new VDC in Hong Kong, expands global footprint

    Cloud services provider Interoute has announced the launch of a new virtual data centre (VDC) in Hong Kong, joining other vendors in setting up shop in the lucrative Asian region. The company also announced that its customers can move data and apps across the entire services platform, across VDC zones, for no cost.

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  • FlintHosts to offer charities free shared and discounted cloud hosting

    UK-based hosting provider FlintHosts has announced the launch of Flint|Charity, a service which offers free shared hosting and discounted cloud hosting to charities. The free shared package allows for up to 1GB of storage, one hour of free technical support and a name check from the company, while the cloud package offers the requisite name check, hosting on Flint’s enterprise level platform at a 50% discount with fully managed service.

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