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  • ct bangs the cloudy drum as it makes top 10 software revenue list

    James Bourne

    Cloud is ‘driving the bulk of change’ in the software market as becomes the first pure play cloud company to make the top 10 companies for global software revenue, according to analyst house Gartner.

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  • r

    The impact of cloud 2.0 – from CRM to IRM

    Although cloud hosting has been a massive boom it’s not necessarily a disruptive technology model. While Amazon is certainly doing it to a much larger scale than ever before, it more represents an ongoing maturity of the simple web hosting we began in the early 90s. It may now be on steroids but it’s still fundamentally the same virtualized shared infrastructure model.

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    IBM refocuses hardware strategy on high-value technologies

    Ovum StraightTalk

    IBM has announced that it will invest more than $1bn in the new IBM Watson Group, as well as $1.2bn to expand its global cloud computing footprint to 40 data centers worldwide in 15 countries across five continents.

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  • ct

    Cloud computing in legal profession: New report promises “sunny” outlook

    James Bourne

    Cloud computing services and technology is on the cusp of mass adoption by the legal industry, according to a report from LexisNexis. Nearly three quarters (72.4%) of firms surveyed said they were more likely to use the cloud this year, with adoption levels among attorneys in smaller firms hitting 40% - a number which is 10% higher than previous surveys.

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  • ct

    Box offers 50GB free storage for new users, aiming at Dropbox

    James Bourne

    Cloud storage provider Box is offering 50GB’s worth of free storage for users who sign up to its service in the next month – twisting the knife further into rival Dropbox, whose service went down over the weekend. Dropbox hit the skids after what VP of engineering Aditya Agarwal described as a routine server upgrade, with a bug installed on active servers bringing down the show.

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  • ct

    "The Internet Of Things" is the next big market for cloud

    Victor Brown

    The scope of the mobile computing revolution will pale in comparison to the Internet of Things, and the confluence of mobile, cloud, and intelligent objects is the next great market opportunity for Cloud providers.

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  • ct

    Public sector cloud in 2014: Four trends you need to know

    Ivan Harris

    From new security requirements to growth in the use of PSN - here's what Eduserv see as the main trends in the public sector cloud for 2014...

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    Box buys dLoop to intelligently secure cloud content

    Ovum StraightTalk

    Box hopes to give subscribers greater analytic insights into, and control over, the content stored in its cloud service following its acquisition of privately held dLoop for an undisclosed sum. This is a move that Ovum has been predicting for some time, and will make Box more attractive to the enterprise customers who are becoming increasingly interested in online storage and collaboration services like Box, but who also put a sharp focus on content security and management.

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  • ct

    Oracle announces sponsorship of OpenStack Foundation

    James Bourne

    Tech giant Oracle has announced corporate sponsorship of the OpenStack Foundation, clearing the path for integration between the open source software and its various clouds. The Redwood firm plans to integrate a huge amount of its products into the OpenStack technology, including Oracle’s virtual machine, its infrastructure as a service, as well as its Exalogic elastic cloud, its storage and its compute cloud.

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    Why cloud and mobile security management is gaining momentum

    David @BTR

    As more business applications move to the cloud, security seems to be top-of-mind for all concerned parties. Also, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend, along with more smartphones and tablets that require wireless connectivity in the workplace, has increased the level of concern for many IT managers and executives. Keeping business systems safe and protecting the data that they hold has never been more difficult to achieve, according to the latest market study by Ovum.

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