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    OneBigDrive chief: Microsoft OneDrive naming “could lead to confusion”

    James Bourne

    Nikola Pizurica, president of the company which provides the OneBigDrive cloud storage app, has told CloudTech that while Microsoft renaming its storage biz OneDrive “could lead to some confusion” for his firm, the company is focused on its own goals.

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    Zynstra launches O365Connect, aims to take on hybrid SMB market

    James Bourne

    UK-based hybrid cloud startup Zynstra has announced the launch of O365Connect, aimed at helping SMBs with a managed IT solution which brings the best of both on-premise and cloud worlds. The product was developed in association with Microsoft – the name gives that one away – and HP, who is an OEM partner of Zynstra, and is aimed at businesses between five and 250 employees.

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    Cracking the G-Cloud commoditisation conundrum

    Ivan Harris

    Anniversaries are always a good point to take a step back, reflect on the past and think about what the future holds. That is something I have done this week as we head into the third calendar year of G-Cloud by taking time out to reread the document which lays out the government’s Cloud First Strategy as published by the Cabinet Office in 2011.

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    Rackspace announces cloud hosting support programme for 300 startups

    James Bourne

    Open cloud hosting provider Rackspace has announced it has given cloud support to the tune of almost £250,000 in order to aid UK-based startups get a foothold in the cloud. The scheme falls under the Rackspace Startups Programme, which has been operating in the UK for six months and has already signed up more than 300 members.

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    How SMBs are looking to the cloud to unlock workforce potential

    Neil Pickering

    It’s encouraging to see that the number of UK SMBs has grown hugely in the past decade, rising from 3.5 million in the UK in 2000 to 4.5 million in 2011, according to the Federation of Small Businesses. But despite renewed optimism and growth, SMB organisations have endured tough times through the recession and must continue to maintain a tight rein on operational costs and overheads. Budgets for key areas such HR and IT remain closely guarded and every penny spent must be justified and accounted for.

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    After Nirvanix: How to assess the right cloud provider for you


    Choosing a cloud service provider is an important decision for any organisation. Cloud computing plays a central role in many businesses – from startups and SMBs to global companies – and usually involves entrusting service providers with mission-critical data and applications. To assess potential providers and make the right choice, conducting due diligence across the following areas is essential.

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    Roundup of small and medium business cloud computing forecasts 2013

    Louis Columbus

    What sets apart the fastest-growing small businesses is their innate strength at turning data and information into results. It's becoming easy to spot a smaller business who is going to break out and grow quickly. They highly value knowledge, expertise and speed over seniority or cronyism; they have successfully managed a geographically distributed supply chain, production and service operations early in their history; and long before they reach $20M in sales they have learned how to balance domestic and international customer demand.

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    Cloud computing in Australia: Pros, cons and questions to ask

    Cloud Tech

    The International Data Center (IDC) researchers have this week put into writing what many will already suspect: cloud computing continues to grow in Australia. But does this all fit in with recent coverage?

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    97% of SMBs say security positively impacted by cloud adoption

    James Bourne

    Over 95% of respondents in a comScore survey of French SMBs said cloud adoption had a positive impact on security, as well as noticing unexpected benefits, such as up-to-date systems and antivirus protection. The study of French small to midsize businesses with between 25 and 499 PCs was conducted by comScore and commissioned by Microsoft Trustworthy Computing, although the respondents were made unaware of Microsoft’s involvement.

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    85% of SMEs struggle with cost of backing up virtual servers, says report

    James Bourne

    Nearly nine in 10 small to medium businesses have experienced “cost-related challenges” with backing up and recovering virtual servers, according to the latest industry report from virtualisation provider Veeam. These fiscal frustrations primarily included ongoing management costs, backups requiring too much storage and expensive licensing models, according to the report.

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