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    Healthcare cloud security: Now and into the future


    Healthcare providers and payers that utilize cloud platforms to store and access personnel records (and like data) are probably storing protected health information (“PHI”), which is protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (“HIPAA”). Rules now in place govern the use of cloud computing to store health-related data, including personnel-related data. The consequences for failure to comply can be severe to a company’s bottom line, including some heavy fines and PR nightmares.

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    Six of the best: Scams, shams and snoopers

    Cloud Tech

    The latest edition of CloudTech’s look at the best links from around the web has a slightly nefarious tint to it, with stories of scammers, snoopers and sham artists. Thankfully though, there are some good news stories further down, proving good things come to those who wait.

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    The Affordable Care Act and cloud computing: Understanding the links


    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) aims to reduce costs while improving quality of care. Of course, those in Healthcare IT have been trying to reduce costs and improve care for years. Perhaps there are some real opportunities to improve IT delivery around the ACA, and those opportunities may exist more in cloud than traditional approaches.

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    Why protecting encryption keys is critical to keeping cloud data private

    The changing regulatory and compliance environment around data privacy necessitate improved methods of protecting sensitive information sent to the cloud. Encryption is one strategy cloud service providers use to protect enterprise cloud data from cybercriminals and any unauthorized access. Cloud Data Encryption mathematically transforms data so that it is undecipherable without the “key” that can be used to change the data back to its original form.

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    Data transfers from the EU: Ensuring protection in hosted solutions


    As an American company, European Data Protection laws may affect you without you even knowing it. In many ways, the laws of Europe and the United States are worlds apart with regard to information privacy. The European Data Protection Directive, which is currently being revised. affects American companies and offers comprehensive protections for European citizens with regard to data collected from and about them

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    Demand for data sovereignty puts home grown data centres in the spotlight


    The continuing revelations by former US National Security Agency employee Edward Snowden about the extent of data surveillance are rumbling like thunder around the cloud computing industry. This is likely to be more than just a passing storm in a tea cup as there could be lasting repercussions on where cloud users and providers store their data.

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    The outlook for privacy and data protection for cloud in 2014

    William Long

    2014 is likely to prove to be a big year in data protection for many industries - none more so that the cloud computing industry with the possible adoption of the EU’s proposed Data Protection Regulation, implementation of European cyber security strategies and moves by Germany and France to set up a European Communications Network.

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    Moving your law firm’s data to the cloud: Easily said, easily done


    There are many benefits to using the cloud as the backbone of a legal practice’s file and information management. First, storing data in the cloud increases a practice’s ability to be mobile. Documents saved in the cloud allow attorneys, though a secure portal, to access and analyze their files from home, the road, court or an off-site meeting.

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    Research claims UK businesses struggling to cope with cloud boom

    James Bourne

    A new research report from cloud identity management provider Okta has revealed that nearly four in five (79%) UK IT decision makers are looking to increase the amount of cloud applications in their company through the coming year. Yet the report, entitled ‘Identity Management in a Cloud and Mobile World’, also found that data security remains a concern of cloud adoption for seven in 10 organisations.

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    How the PRISM fallout is impacting cloud adoption

    Len Padilla

    The fallout of the Edward Snowden scandal that broke over the summer is being felt globally, with concerns around governments’ ability to access data prompting many organisations to rethink their investment in ICT and the cloud.

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