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    Open hybrid cloud: The private vs public debate is resolved

    David @BTR

    As an informed senior executive, you already know that it's no longer a question of whether cloud service adoption is the right forward-thinking business technology strategy, but rather how you will leverage the abundance of new resources to outpace your competition.

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    Private cloud and elasticity: Friends or foes?


    Too often companies are faced with a choice: elasticity or security. On the upside, the benefits of cloud computing are achieved through elasticity as much as anything else. As Craig Sheridan notes: “More specifically then, elasticity in the cloud is the ability of an application to automatically adjust the infrastructure resources it uses to accommodate varied workloads and priorities, while maintaining availability and performance in a context-aware environment.”

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    People power: Why staff are driving cloud adoption


    Businesses are adopting cloud services, albeit more cautiously than anticipated. Much has been written about vendors hyping cloud services, and adoption rates not living up to the propaganda. Indeed TechTarget’s Cloud Pulse Survey found that public and private clouds have reached the same level of market penetration at around 25%.

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    Gartner: Nearly half of enterprises in hybrid cloud by 2017

    James Bourne

    Gartner has been gazing into its crystal ball once again, and now the smoke signals have cleared the message is simple: get going with a hybrid cloud solution, because half of big enterprises are going to be deployed by 2017. The analyst house puts hybrid cloud where the private cloud was in 2010; plenty of companies wanting to get on board, but the actual uptake remains low.

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    How to consolidate and integrate the public and private cloud

    Lee Fisher

    Most households have many services to keeping things ticking. No two households are the same; they have different priorities, values and structures, and different services suit different households. Water, gas and electricity all come from separate service providers, so if the electricity goes down in a house, it is not left in the cold. Like a household, organisations are unique and something that works for one organisation, may not work for its competitors.

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    Why China’s cloud computing ecosystem is at a vital crossroads

    James Bourne

    Due to its sheer size and economic power, China has the potential to be a huge cloud computing market. But there are many obstacles to overcome. A new report examines these problems and the relationship between China and the US, whilst a big Chinese telco has announced overseas cloud expansion. Where now for China and the cloud?

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    Don’t budget for cloud - budget for the solution


    We know we want it, so cloud must be a thing, right? If we're carrying our enterprise IT shopping basket around, we know we want to stop at the cloud shelf. Once there, we might select a nice fresh IaaS or perhaps some of this SaaS or that. And whatever our selection, we'll pay the bill at the register. Good thing we bought our shopping list, and with it, our budget for cloud, right? Such is what the cloud marketing machines at the various vendors and service providers want you to believe.

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    Is hosted private cloud the future of cloud infrastructure?


    Every business is different, and their infrastructure is sure to follow suit. However, just as there are standards within best practices for cloud, so too are there consistencies where cloud platforms are concerned. When we say cloud platforms, however, we don’t mean open or closed clouds, like Rackspace versus AWS. Instead we are referring to public, private and hybrid clouds.

    About 7 months, 2 weeks ago - 2 comments - Categories: Hosting, Hybrid, Infrastructure, Private, Strategy
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    IBM vs AWS federal cloud war steps up a notch with Amazon lawsuit

    James Bourne

    It’s been one of the biggest stories of the summer. The battle for a lucrative CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) cloud computing contract between IBM and Amazon has featured attack, counter-attack, and all manner of legalistic name-calling as the two giants battle out for federal cloud supremacy. While most of the talk has been in the sanctity of legal offices, a lawsuit from Amazon against the Federal Government, made public this week, reveals the true extent of the imbroglio.

    About 8 months ago - 2 comments - Categories: Amazon, Government, Private, Strategy
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    A guide to successful cloud adoption: The market for IT services

    GreenPages Technology Solutions

    Last week, I met with a number of our top clients near the GreenPages HQ in Portsmouth, NH at our annual Summit event to talk about successful adoption of cloud technologies. In this post, I’ll give a summary of my cloud adoption advice, and cover some of the feedback that I heard from customers during my discussions. Here we go…

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