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    Why cloud and mobile security management is gaining momentum

    David @BTR

    As more business applications move to the cloud, security seems to be top-of-mind for all concerned parties. Also, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to work trend, along with more smartphones and tablets that require wireless connectivity in the workplace, has increased the level of concern for many IT managers and executives. Keeping business systems safe and protecting the data that they hold has never been more difficult to achieve, according to the latest market study by Ovum.

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    Couchbase CEO: Let Oracle, SAP, IBM play in the “old” database market

    James Bourne

    The database wars are about to kick off in spectacular style. Not just Oracle vs SAP – as Big Red announced its new in-memory database at the start of this week – but relational vs NoSQL. Oracle and SAP have been making plenty of noise about their in-memory capability; SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott once claimed that its HANA technology was “the fastest growing software product in the history of the world”, whilst in his recent event keynote, Larry Ellison claimed that data would move at “ungodly speeds” in the Oracle 12c database. But that’s all relational, SQL database technology - and the NoSQL brigade is coming up fast.

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    How effective identity management reins shadow IT and password sprawl

    The cloud has sped up and simplified many aspects of IT. Enterprises and end-users alike have incredibly swift and affordable access to more applications and IT resources than ever before. This access helps cut or keep costs low and enables businesses to innovate and respond to evolving market demands. However, in other ways, this explosion of apps and devices brings considerable new challenges to IT management.

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    NSW state government in Australia mobilises cloud services pilots

    Ovum StraightTalk

    The New South Wales state government in Australia is taking visionary but practical steps towards cloud services adoption via a program of pilot projects. The projects recognise the need to treat cloud services as an emerging trend to be investigated and evaluated hands-on. It is a practical organisational learning exercise, not an ideological quest or a whole-of-government "grand plan".

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    Brocade’s Simon Pamplin: Digging deep into the future of SDN

    James Bourne

    With software defined networking (SDN), the network as we know it, along with the way businesses use computing processes, could be changed beyond all recognition. And Brocade is at the very heart of that shift, being founder members of OpenFlow and OpenStack and pushing ahead with technologies that ensure its customers are SDN-ready. But what are the criticisms of this emerging technology, and how are they being addressed?

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    Lost in mobility: How location, opportunity, skills and time changed IT

    BMC Communities

    In the mobile revolution, modern IT organisations can take advantage of the big loads of data spilling out of phones and tablets to work smarter and faster. These clingy devices are highly efficient information aggregators. By adding context to each customer engagement, IT can pair a specific job with the best available service agent, based on whereabouts and situation, experience and schedule.

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    It's not you, it's me: How IT can stop the mobility-cloud break up

    Moti Rafalin

    For too many businesses, the promise of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend has been swallowed up by mobile workflow challenges and insecure, consumer-grade cloud sharing solutions. It would be easy to predict the break-up of mobility and the cloud, but this is a relationship worth saving. Doing so, however, will take a new approach.

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    21 most admired companies making IT a competitive advantage

    Louis Columbus

    The accuracy, speed and precision of IT systems means the difference between winning or losing customers, keeping supply chains profitable, and solidly translating new concepts into revenue-producing products and services. The world’s best-run services businesses have customer-driven IT as part of their DNA; it is very much who these companies are internally.

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    Enterprise mobility was an omnipresent theme at #MWC2013

    Ovum StraightTalk

    At this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the topic of enterprise mobility was everywhere – literally, the stands exhibiting all the vendors operating in the space were spread throughout the eight vast halls of Fira Gran Via. Everywhere you looked there were vendors showing off their approaches to enterprise mobility management (EMM), highlighting the importance of mobility for businesses right now.

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    Retail: The next industry to be disrupted by the cloud?

    Euan Harris

    With the shift towards organisations using cloud solutions to manage their business, will retail be the next industry to follow in order to provide the omnichannel shopping experience their customers demand?

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