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    The explosive growth of Cloud Computing (Infographic)

    David Eaves

    Here we have a decent infographic that provides information about the growth of cloud computing from 2008 all the way through to 2014.

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    Box vs Dropbox: The tale of the tape [infographic]

    James Bourne

    Box CEO Aaron Levie might have said that there was no direct rivalry between his company and Dropbox, but as both companies hurtle towards an IPO, it’s difficult not to compare the two.

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    Analysing SaaS IPOs: the past, present and future [infographic]

    James Bourne

    It’s been almost 10 years since filed for IPO, on June 23 2004. And with a 56.4% gain in initial trading, it was the first genuine indicator of the huge monetisation potential in software-as-a-service (SaaS). But what does the future hold?

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    The scariest business data horror stories [infographic]

    Rhonda Sherwood

    Trick or treat! You’ll be hearing this a lot soon. Halloween may be all about ghosts and goblins, but businesses have much bigger threats to worry about… such as losing the critical business data that’s stored on their employees’ computers and in-house servers.

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    Examining disaster recovery by the numbers [infographic]


    Disaster recovery, or IT Business Continuity as we like to think of it, is a space that’s riddled with traps. Or at best, it suffers from a number of myths and tendencies toward “fingers crossed.” It’s not just about a fundamental difference between backup and disaster recovery; the idea that it’s one thing to have your data duplicated into a repository somewhere but quite another to be able to actually restore it — also downed applications and network configurations — rapidly…

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    How much data is generated in one minute? [infographic]

    Source Talk

    We've all heard and understand big data issues: volume, velocity and variety. But when breaking it down into simple terms, how much data do you think is generated every minute across common platforms? The answers may shock you. Just remember when reading through that all of these transactions occur in one minute, every day.

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    How the data centre evolves to the cloud [infographic]

    James Bourne

    As anyone with a vested interest in cloud computing will know, the perception of the data centre has evolved considerably, from isolated resource centres to more connected pools, helping maximise IT efficiency. Not surprisingly, with the potential available, the numbers are growing. 60% of server workloads are set to be virtualised by 2014, compared to only 12% in 2008, with total investment in data centre infrastructure growing 5% on average year on year.

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    Analysing the importance of cloud’s role in the enterprise

    James Bourne

    Aryaka, a company which offers wide area network optimisation in the cloud, has collated together several pieces of research emphasising the importance of cloud in a modern enterprise. Pooling together studies from the likes of CIO Insight, Forrester and IDC, Aryaka has examined cloud strategies at different points of the enterprise, predominantly assessing the UK market.

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    Analysing the road to converged infrastructure [infographic]


    At the beginning of 2013, we sent out invites to our IT infrastructure monitoring community with regards to their adoption or consideration of Converged Infrastructure. As it turns out, not only is Convergence a hot topic right now; 1/3 of our respondents are already running Converged Infrastructure in their environments.

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    Who’s the top dog in the SaaS space? [infographic]

    James Bourne

    Software as a service (SaaS) has traditionally been the strongest and most valuable cloud computing market. Figures from Gartner in November show this: SaaS was valued at $14.4bn (£9.57bn) by the end of 2012; infrastructure as a service (IaaS) was a $6.2bn (£4.12bn) global market; whilst platform as a service (PaaS) was forecast to hit $1.2bn (£754m).

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