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    How Big Data is driving Cloud adoption among businesses

    Anand Srinivasan

    A recent Technology Business Review study showed that big data analytics has helped in significantly driving the revenues of the top cloud service providers over the past few years.

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    HP: Trying to stand out from the crowd in the DRaaS space

    James Bourne

    Back in September, Nirvanix announced to its customers that they had two weeks to move its data before the company went down the plughole. As the enterprise cloud storage provider waved the white flag, Gartner research director Kyle Hilgendorf noted in a blog post that the analyst house’s paper on cloud exit strategies was one of the least popular in the collection.

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    Cisco announces global “Cisco Powered” cloud ecosystem, Intercloud

    Ovum StraightTalk

    Cisco has announced its creation of a global cloud platform, branded Intercloud. It has also named some of its initial partners, which include a variety of cloud infrastructure players: Telstra, Allstream, Canopy, Ingram Micro, Logicalis Group, MicroStrategy, OnX Managed Services, SunGard Availability Services and Wipro. Although it is not a large group, it does include a mix of telcos, managed services providers, IT services providers, distributors, and resellers.

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    Egnyte launches in Europe: Why the CEO believes the time is right

    James Bourne

    Enterprise file-sharing platform provider Egnyte has today announced significant expansion in Europe, hiring a general manager and opening up a London branch. The company has moved Mark Rattley to the top EMEA job, with the former EMC vice president of sales coming on board as vice president and general manager for the new Egnyte Europe.

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    Interoute launches new VDC in Hong Kong, expands global footprint

    James Bourne

    Cloud services provider Interoute has announced the launch of a new virtual data centre (VDC) in Hong Kong, joining other vendors in setting up shop in the lucrative Asian region. The company also announced that its customers can move data and apps across the entire services platform, across VDC zones, for no cost.

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    FlintHosts to offer charities free shared and discounted cloud hosting

    James Bourne

    UK-based hosting provider FlintHosts has announced the launch of Flint|Charity, a service which offers free shared hosting and discounted cloud hosting to charities. The free shared package allows for up to 1GB of storage, one hour of free technical support and a name check from the company, while the cloud package offers the requisite name check, hosting on Flint’s enterprise level platform at a 50% discount with fully managed service.

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    Adopting the cloud: The network strikes back

    Geoff Bennett

    With every passing day, more and more IT managers are taking the plunge and opting for the world of cloud. This comes as no surprise when you consider the benefits it brings. But with any new technology as soon as the honeymoon period is over, the real work begins. Cloud traffic is growing at an alarming rate, but this the pressure is on the network operators carrying the cloud, not the enterprises using the cloud, to deliver.

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    Open hybrid cloud: The private vs public debate is resolved

    David @BTR

    As an informed senior executive, you already know that it's no longer a question of whether cloud service adoption is the right forward-thinking business technology strategy, but rather how you will leverage the abundance of new resources to outpace your competition.

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    Aaron Levie signs off chairman’s letter “Go cloud!” as Box prepares for IPO

    James Bourne

    You can’t say it wasn’t coming. Cloud storage provider Box has announced its public offering after a huge amount of rumour and conjecture, with the overall amount raised expected to hit around $250m. The company is looking to trade under the NYSE symbol ‘BOX’ and confirms reports in January that the cloud storage bods had confidentially filed.

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    Why managed AWS isn't just about managing AWS


    Amazon Web Services (AWS) is like an F-16 Fighting Falcon. In the right hands it can be nimble, graceful, and extremely powerful. Not to mention that it often destroys other cloud platforms in a dogfight… However, an important part of the analogy is the understanding that the AWS fighter plane comes in a thousand pieces with “some assembly required.”

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