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    Can managed services balance BYOD security and compliance concerns?


    BYOD security is and has been a major point of interest (perhaps hype) in IT for some time now. The desire for employees to use their own smartphones and devices frames an opportunity for businesses to cut capital expenses and increase efficiency. Despite the potential upsides, and while there are many companies that have come to embrace such an approach, there are major hurdles where security and compliance are concerned.

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    Cloud-enabling technologies revenue will reach $22.6bn by 2016

    Louis Columbus

    Defining Cloud-Enabling Technologies (CET) as those that are installed, delivered and consumed on-premises, Market Monitor a service of 451 Research recently released their annual forecast of virtualization, security and automation and management revenue through 2016. The report, Market Monitor Cloud-Enabling Technologies has taken a bottoms-up approach in defining the three primary categories they include in their definition of cloud-enabling technologies.

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    How healthcare cloud computing can save millions as regulations change


    We all know that cloud computing provides business agility. For many enterprises, that means they have the ability to keep up with new and emerging markets. In the world of healthcare, cloud computing also provides the ability to keep up with ever-changing regulations.

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    IBM introduces flexibility to Big Data governance

    Ovum StraightTalk

    IBM’s latest Big Data enhancements for its InfoSphere integration and governance product portfolio promote an emerging approach to reconcile Big Data with master data management (MDM). IBM’s official terminology is “building confidence” in Big Data. The innovation is a probabilistic approach based on the idea that when ensuring the validity and sanctity of Big Data, “perfect is the enemy of good.”

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    Before the breach: Cloud breach response best practices


    One of the most difficult and damaging events that can occur for any business’ infrastructure is a breach. However, breaches occur when proper planning hasn’t gone into an infrastructure contingency plan. There are several areas of consideration that need to be fully planned for before any IT strategy and data objectives can be balanced in the face of a potential breach: whether technical, HR, or compliance, have a response plan for each area is necessary before any problem ever arises.

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    Why the public cloud is not always the most secure option for your business

    2X Software

    The obvious benefits offered by cloud computing technology have not only made it inevitable, but also irresistible for business to embrace this ever-innovating technology. While scalability and agility improve business productivity levels, optimization of resources decreases Capex and Opex. However, choosing the right cloud model for your business requirements is a tough task. Businesses have the option to choose a public, private or a hybrid cloud.

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    US cloud industry set to lose up to $35bn because of PRISM

    James Bourne

    According to a report from the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF), the repercussions of PRISM means that, over the next three years, the US cloud computing industry can lose from $22bn to $35bn due to reneged market share. Anyone hoping this is a brand new piece of research may be slightly disappointed, although they’re not entirely wrong either.

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    Voice in the cloud - is there an identity crisis?

    Neil Hammerton

    The term 'cloud' has suffered an identity crisis while the industry gets to grips with finding a clear definition. In this article Neil Hammerton, CEO and co-founder at Natterbox, the cloud-based voice services provider, explores the impact this has had on voice and telephony; for both the industry and businesses looking to move their voice services to the cloud.

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    Exploring automation for cloud service providers

    BMC Communities

    In the midst of strong cloud competition coming from many different sources as well as rampant cloud-washing in the market, service providers need to differentiate and add value to their cloud offerings in order to be relevant. However, differentiation often drives up costs...

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    Kim Dotcom fights back at US government in new whitepaper

    Ryan Daws

    After a raid at his New Zealand mansion in January last year, the larger than life Kim Dotcom has released a whitepaper taking direct aim at the US government.

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