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    Rackspace CEO retires, claims time “as good as any” to step down

    James Bourne

    Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier is to retire after eight years heading up the open cloud provider, with co-founder Graham Weston stepping back into the breach on an interim basis. Weston, who was chief exec from 1999 to 2006, said in a blog post that “what we build from here, we will build on the shoulders of a giant.”

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    CIOs told in latest report to “embrace cloud or be left behind”

    James Bourne

    A survey from Capita IT Services has revealed that CIOs see cloud computing as a key enabler to business innovation, yet boardrooms are “nervous” places where execs have to convince them cloud adoption is the way forward.

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    Why cloud services will kill big bad whole-of-government IT projects

    Ovum StraightTalk

    Momentum for cloud services adoption in government grew solidly in 2013 and looks certain to accelerate in 2014. We believe that growth in cloud services adoption by agencies will drive a change in the core logic of whole-of-government IT strategy. Cloud services offer a less risky win-win-win path towards IT modernization and intra-agency collaboration. Big bad experimental whole-of-government IT projects are dead. Long live the new logic of cloud services: find solutions that work well in individual agencies and then adopt them more broadly across multiple agencies. Simple.

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    The future of virtualisation: Automation, orchestration and even more on demand

    Len Padilla

    It's official: virtualisation has made it. On the Gartner Hype Cycle for Cloud Services, it has scaled the “peak of inflated expectations”, traversed the “trough of disillusionment” and is inches from the much coveted “plateau of productivity”. For now, it remains on the “slope of enlightenment” -- but it’s a technology right on the cusp of an evolution that will expand its influence further than ever.

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    How cloud is giving CIOs a bigger seat at the boardroom

    Pontus Noren

    Bill Gates once said: “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other.” In many ways this quote could also be used to nicely summarise the biggest change in the business world over the last 10 years - the evolution of information.

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    CIOs still reluctant to adopt cloud, says new survey

    James Bourne

    A new report from sourcing providers Alsbridge has revealed that, in the UK, cloud computing accounts for only one fifth of the IT budget. This puts doubt in the thinking that cloud adoption in the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) market is accelerating – or, more particularly, that executives see cloud as the cornerstone of a bright, shiny IT future.

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    Cloud-enabled enterprise and the opportunity for CIOs

    Russell Poole

    It is over five years since the term ‘cloud’ was first adopted into the mainstream to describe a fundamental change in how – and where – information technology is deployed. Cloud’s building blocks had been developing for several years prior: the rise of the Internet as a backbone for service delivery; hardware platforms so powerful that they could run multiple web scale workloads; and the opening of standards for application and infrastructure architecture; all contributed to the cloud phenomenon, which went beyond simple hosting or application service provision.

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    Interoute CTO Matthew Finnie: Legacy data vendors should learn from history

    James Bourne

    With Oracle, SAP and IBM fighting for precious market share on the in-memory relational database market, and the likes of MongoDB, Couchbase and DataStax putting together momentum in the NoSQL space, it almost feels like whoever wins the battle will win the war of customer buy-in. Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold told CloudTech his company’s position was that the market was going to move to the “disruptive” NoSQL technologies that “ultimately are going to dominate.”

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    'Head of the cloud', or head in the clouds?


    A little learning is a dangerous thing, scribed poet Alexander Pope in 1711, possibly to distract his wife from improving her bible studies knowledge or honing her counterpoint skills. Three hundred years later and whilst most of us no longer frown upon a lady flashing her ankles nor rush to join a harpsichord recital, never could the statement be truer. Smartphones and tablets have brought about the collision of the worlds of IT and telecoms, and are responsible for us all knowing a little bit about IT.

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    Delivering business optimisation through cloud consolidation

    Jonathan Birch

    Increasingly business complexity, broader technology adoption and changing expectations have forced a shift in the role of the IT department and how it delivers services. Part of this change has been driven by the advent of cloud computing, which has allowed CIOs to decrease operational budgets and focus more on designing and building applications as well as innovation.

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