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    Analysing smart mobile apps and open hybrid cloud trends

    David @BTR

    Savvy executive leaders are already prepared for the shift to more progressive business technology deployments throughout the enterprise. Open hybrid cloud architectures, big data analytics and mobile applications are high-growth platforms at the centre of this shift.

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    Salesforce and the banking industry align as both bet on mobility

    Ovum StraightTalk

    The mobile-enablement of services to increase the productivity of banking employees and drive sales effectiveness in remote locations is on the rise.

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    Salesforce CEO Benioff unleashes Salesforce1, cites ‘internet of customers’ future

    James Bourne

    Cloud giant Salesforce has unveiled its new shiny cloud platform Salesforce1 at Dreamforce in San Francisco, with CEO Marc Benioff stressing the ‘internet of customers’ – the importance of the consumer in a cloud, social and mobile world. “I’ve never been more excited to be part of,” Benioff bellowed to the audience of customers, partners and non-profits. “In the world of the Internet of Things, it’s really a world of Internet of Customers. “We need to reassess how we connect with customers in a whole new way,” he added.

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    Cloud and Agile Development: Match made in Heaven?


    For some time, cloud computing has been moving from beyond a purely IT-owned paradigm to a more readily accepted part of how different business units achieve their end goals - application development is no exception.

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    HP: How the cloud drives the unpredictability of mobile apps #AppsWorld

    Apps World

    Earlier this year Infor CEO Charles Phillips claimed that enterprise apps and software “sucked” – but not so according to Hewlett Packard’s Paul Evans who is part of the company’s Application Transformation global marketing division. “Enterprise apps can be beautiful. For us mobile apps are enterprise apps,” he says. However he admits that they have evolved hugely from their more cumbersome origins.

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    New research paper forecasts 2014 to be “year of ERP cloud”

    James Bourne

    With executives satisfied that they can get a return on investment for low-level apps in the cloud, 2014 is going to be the year when enterprise mission-critical apps will take charge, according to cloudy infrastructure platform provider Virtustream. The findings have been released in a report, entitled “ERP – The Cuckoo in Cloud Land”, and gives insight both into the ERP (enterprise resource planning) landscape as well as the position of mission critical apps in the cloud.

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    Steve Wozniak: I am a fan of the cloud...but let’s not go all in yet

    James Bourne

    Steve Wozniak says he’s “a fan” of the cloud, yet he’s still worried about what could happen if consumers and companies don’t back things up locally. This may come as something of a surprise to the tech fraternity, for whom the general consensus was that Woz wasn’t too keen on cloud – to put it politely.

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    Hybrid cloud computing overview and benefits

    2X Software

    As we witness high adoption rates for the public cloud and the private cloud, businesses are turning towards a hybrid cloud computing solution. The reason is obvious; in the initial days of cloud computing technology, enterprises used public clouds extensively for VDI, RDP and BYOD requirements.

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    Integration remains a barrier to SaaS adoption

    Ovum StraightTalk

    The ever-increasing significance and adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) in enterprise IT has concealed the issues inherent to the shift from a traditional model for software delivery to an "as-a-service" model. Despite the emergence of similar delivery models (i.e. integration-as-a-service), integration remains a barrier to SaaS adoption.

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    How effective identity management reins shadow IT and password sprawl

    The cloud has sped up and simplified many aspects of IT. Enterprises and end-users alike have incredibly swift and affordable access to more applications and IT resources than ever before. This access helps cut or keep costs low and enables businesses to innovate and respond to evolving market demands. However, in other ways, this explosion of apps and devices brings considerable new challenges to IT management.

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