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    Interview: David D'Orazi on the rise and development of cloud computing

    Steve Pailthorpe

    Sitting in a familiar coffee shop outside Victoria Station in Central London, I await the arrival of David D’Orazi, one of the foremost consultants within the cloud computing and virtualization industry. Having spent the last five years analysing the way business technology has changed, I’m excited to meet D’Orazi who has over thirty years’ experience in enterprise technology solutions having held positions for a range of managed services vendors such as Selection Services and Commensus as well as being involved in several start-up firms.

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    After Nirvanix: How to assess the right cloud provider for you


    Choosing a cloud service provider is an important decision for any organisation. Cloud computing plays a central role in many businesses – from startups and SMBs to global companies – and usually involves entrusting service providers with mission-critical data and applications. To assess potential providers and make the right choice, conducting due diligence across the following areas is essential.

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    New paper questions whether cloud consumers get what they pay for

    James Bourne

    Consumers need to be made more aware of what they’re purchasing in a cloud solution, according to the latest research paper. The team of researchers, including IBM and Google, published their findings in a paper entitled ‘Verifying Cloud Services: Present and Future’, and aimed for this to be an education for cloud customers – punters need to examine “in breadth, rather in depth”, how a CSP performs.

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    Are hidden costs dampening cloud computing benefits?


    Cloud adoption is not a straight line proposition. It is increasingly the main push for many organizations looking to upgrade their IT strategy. A major reason for the shift includes the cloud’s obvious benefits; another reasoning stems from the fact that older IT models simply cannot deliver the speed and agility necessary to compete in today’s marketplace.

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    Amazon cloud “in league of its own” – and why it may never change

    Cloud Tech

    Two separate pieces of research released this week have found its way to CloudTech HQ, and both have come to the same conclusion: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is miles ahead of the competition in terms of providing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) services. And, from this lookout post, this is going to be the status quo for a long while yet.

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    10 ways cloud computing is revolutionising aerospace and defence

    Louis Columbus

    Synchronising new product development, supply chain, production and Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) strategies across Aerospace and Defense (A&D) manufacturers while reducing costs continues to make cloud platforms a viable option in A&D. With sequestration having an impact on these industries from both a budget and merger & acquisition (M&A) perspective, the economics of cloud computing are becoming even more attractive.

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    Changing the conversation around IT operations management


    In today’s cloud-filled world, the conversation around operations management is – as it should be – all about service assurance. Can IT deliver the server, storage, networking, and application resources necessary to meet business needs?

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    Why you need standardisation of SLAs in a multi-cloud environment

    Many technical experts believe that cloud computing is capable of reshaping the entire ICT industry in a revolutionary manner. With the introduction and development of cloud computing, the two business entities that emerged include – Cloud Service Providers and Cloud consumers. Although the consumers of cloud services do not possess much control over the primary computing resources, but it is quite essential for the cloud consumers to obtain necessary guarantees in terms of service delivery standards.

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    New Zealand updates cloud policy, follows in Australia’s footsteps

    James Bourne

    As all eyes were on Australia in the Asia Pacific cloud computing space, New Zealand has taken a similar leap through the Institute of IT Professionals NZ (IITP) and published an updated cloud policy, called the Cloud Code. The v2.0, released today, has two key agreements for all potential signatories: no cloud washing, and upfront disclosure of cloud products and services.

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    One in three businesses have ‘multiple’ outages a week

    James Bourne

    Companies are failing to update their software, meaning that because of the strain being put on old data centres, they suffer debilitating network outages on a weekly basis. That’s the verdict from Brocade, whose latest research found that one in three businesses suffer “multiple” network downtime instances per week.

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