Hype hazards: What can we learn from the history of technology hype?

Think back to December 31 1999. Where were you when the countdown to the New Year ended?

One thing I can be certain of is that you weren’t stuck in a lift hurtling 12 storeys to the ground, in the midst of a massive traffic pile-up because all the lights stopped working at once or in a plane plummeting 30,000 feet from the sky as all the onboard systems died.

Yet, if the scaremongers in the IT world were to be believed, you should have been. Fears over the effects of the millennium bug had been blasted...

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NoSQL: Another big data acronym or a strategic differentiator?

By Paula ReinmanCloud, SaaS, Big Data, Fast Data, NoSQL, PaaS…while this economy cannot produce jobs, it can definitely produce jargon at the speed of light.

As a tech-savvy business person who is not an engineer, I’m always trying to figure out how these new technologies and trends help my customers.

So when I had the opportunity to work on a

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Will CPR significantly increase cloud survival rates?

IT is an acronym crazed world. So crazy that sometimes - when running out of three letter ones - we simply  recycle them or add sequence numbers. Remember MRP, which used to mean Material Requirements Planning, but then became Manufacturing Resource Planning (called MRP II to avoid confusion), to only a couple of years - and a few trillion of investments - later, resurface as ERP. In that era the term BPR also became popular. BPR stood for Business Process Re-engineering (see for example Hammer, M. and Champy, J. A.: (1993) 

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Fingertip Cloud Glossary: Test yourself!

We live in a world of acronyms including SEO, CRM and SaaS. And in recent months (maybe years!) you have become becoming accustomed to phrases such as 'cloudbursting' and the 'elastic' nature of 'cloud computing'.

Several years ago, it's doubtful whether the average housewife or small business owner would have been familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or its paid counter-part, Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

But these days they often manage their own campaigns in Google and even optimize and update their website through WordPress and Social Media.


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Buzzword Bingo and Acronym Update V2.011

By Greg Schulz

Buzzword Bingo and Acronym Update V2.011

Note: THis is in part fun!

R U (e.g. Are you) JASSD about JACD or do you have a case of JAID and JACBUS? Will RAID RAIN on your cloud parade?

For those who like to keep up on buzzwords (for buzzword bingo) and acronyms, perhaps even FTW (e.g. For the Win), here are some old and new, fun and real ones to ponder.

As to which are real or new, fun or old, I will leave that up to you.

  • BD = Business Development or Big Data or Backup Device
  • CEO = Chief Evangelist Officer or Change Everything Often
  • CJO = Chief Jailable Officer or anyone who is a legal Chief of a company
  • CMO = Creative Movie Officer or Chief Marketing Officer (same thing)
  • CNOC = Cloud network operations center
  • CPOP = Cloud point of presence aka cloud gateway, cloud appliance, cloud ...

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