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CloudTech is the number one cloud computing news, analysis and opinion resource for CIOs, business leaders and cloud computing professionals. We take the best industry research and biggest stories and put our own spin on it, as well as feature contributions from noted cloud thought leaders, including David Linthicum and Louis Columbus.

CloudTech speaks with all the key players, from the pure play vendors to the tech giant “hypervendors”. We provide the latest news on vendor strategy, bring you exclusive interviews with cloud leaders, report on cloud computing in all the key verticals including healthcare, banking and law, as well as provide best practice tips for companies moving to the cloud.

Whether your company is born in the cloud, migrating from legacy software, or even if you’re just a cloud enthusiast, CloudTech is the essential cloud computing news site.

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TechForge is a global publishing business with headquarters in Bristol, UK. 

We help technology decision makers in large businesses gain, retain and service customers through insight into digital strategy and technology. 

TechForge publishes a range of content-leading websites across key topics and industry verticals including: MarketingCloud ComputingDevelopmentTelecomsEnterprise Apps; and Wearable Technology

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