Assessing how cloud computing has transformed the workspace

Today’s workplace is an entirely different animal to just five years ago – and it’s growing and changing at a rapid rate. The huge amount of enterprise mobility solutions on the market are enabling employees to do various tasks on their smartphones and tablets; as Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said on the unveiling of the Salesforce1 app, he could run his entire business from his phone. Yet none of this could be possible without the cloud powering it.

Four in five SMEs “fully adapted” to the cloud by 2020, report forecasts

Four in five small businesses will be “fully adapted” to the cloud by 2020, according to a new forecast from software firm Intuit. The figures, posted in a deck entitled ‘Small Business Success in the Cloud’, prognosticated that 78% of US SMEs would be au fait in six years, as opposed to the current adoption rate of 37%.

The new role for the private cloud - it's not what you think

The reasons for the growth of public clouds are pretty clear, including low operating costs, instant scalability, and the ability to better support changing businesses. However, the private cloud still has a place in IT, and understanding what’s about to emerge in the private cloud space will give you a better focus on this pattern of cloud architecture.

Four ways OpenStack improves enterprise IT

OpenStack can really support enterprise IT, and as a result the challenge has moved from “how do we deploy and manage these new kinds of applications?” to “how do we integrate that process into our existing operational model, so that enterprise IT as a whole improves?”

Business technology literacy in the cloud computing era

What if you could deploy a new IT service shortly after you defined the requirements? And, just imagine the bliss, if your IT spend could directly translate into a competitive advantage. Predicting the ROI would be relatively easy. You would be the envy of your peer group. Unfortunately, as most senior executives already know, it's never that simple.

A roundup of latest cloud computing online courses

Amazon Web Services, Coursera, Google, MIT Courseware and Microsoft are accelerating the depth and variety of cloud computing courses, courseware and learning materials they are freely making available online.

Analysing cloud identity as a service for governments

The OIX (Open Identity Exchange) is a new Internet standards organization that provides the framework to implement Assured Identity. An example of this in practice is explained in this case study published by the new UK chapter of the OIX, for South Yorkshire’s Digital By Default project.