Hidden costs and locations: Solving the mystery of cloud solutions for businesses

The cost and functional benefits of migrating services to the cloud have been well documented, but as more solutions are introduced to the market, choosing the right one is presenting many businesses with a real challenge. The industry is becoming increasingly crowded, so we have simplified the research process and singled out five key things organisations may not know about the cloud to help them make the most informed decision.

How Carlsberg is deploying Office 365 to move its operations to the cloud

Danish beer brand Carlsberg is rolling out Microsoft Office 365 for greater enterprise collaboration, according to details of a customer case study from Redmond. Carlsberg is rolling out this technology initiative under the banner of ‘GloCal’, which “aims for global efficiency while staying true to its local roots,” and chose Microsoft Office 365 as the optimal solution.

AWS launches Frankfurt data centres, expands in European market

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has opened up a new European data centre in the German city of Frankfurt. The move comes to assuage European customers they can keep all their data and services on the continent instead of the US, with the German data centre – or region, as AWS prefers – complementing their other European offering in Ireland.

EMC beefs up its stake in VCE, buys out majority of Cisco’s share

EMC has announced it is to merge data centre biz VCE into its main organisation, buying out all but 10% of Cisco’s stake in the company. The news comes weeks after EMC announced the buy of open cloud provider Cloudscaling, and can be seen as an advancement of the ménage a trois-esque relationship between EMC, VMware and Cisco in ownership of VCE.

More than half of cloud conference attendees are adopting hybrid cloud strategy

58% of attendees at the 2014 Cloud Expo and the AWS Summit, in New York, have indicated they are building hybrid cloud solutions for their organisations, according to a survey. According to the survey, conducted by Avere Systems, the same number (58%) said they were planning on migrating at least some of their on-prem applications to the cloud within the next two years.

IBM ditches chipmaking business, looks to cloud as Q3 numbers get slammed

If Google is struggling with its numbers, then there isn’t much hope for everyone else. The third quarter financial results have been a bit of a struggle across the board, but the big legacy tech vendors are really starting to feel the heat. Now it’s IBM’s turn – and the findings don’t look good.

AWS is top enterprise cloud service – but beware the consumer threat

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the most popular enterprise cloud service according to a report released today from Skyhigh Networks – but the research also fired a broadside at how companies are struggling to block consumer products. The reports, which are quarterly and based on data from more than 1.6 million users, noted a huge disparity in companies saying they block certain services and the amount of employees actually blocked.