Meet Zenedge, the firm which protects the entire enterprise ecosystem in the cloud

Zenedge has announced the general availability of its latest Zenshield DOME platform with a simple goal: to protect your enterprise from what it perceives to be its weakest link. That weakest link is a firm’s partner and supplier ecosystem, which Zenedge insists is a more likely target for hackers trying to infiltrate an enterprise in the cloud.

Docker vulnerability exposed, users urged to upgrade for cloud security

Docker, the Linux container for run-anywhere apps, has a major vulnerability in all but the latest version of its software which can enable malicious code to extract hosted files. The vuln, described as ‘critical’ in severity, was first spotted by Red Hat’s security researcher Florian Weimer and independent researcher Taunis Tiigi, with Docker crediting them in a security advisory.

Moving to the cloud is “so easy your mother could do it”, exec claims

Danvers Baillieu, chief operating officer at VPN provider hidemyass, says he can’t understand companies who are reluctant to move to the cloud because it’s so easy to set up “your mother could do it.” Baillieu spoke to CloudTech after research from Reconnix earlier this month found the majority of UK businesses weren’t ready to move to the cloud, citing a lack of in-house skills as the problem.

How DevOps can improve reliability when deploying with AWS

Reliability, in the cloud technology era, is dependent primarily on connectivity, availability of the services when needed, and the personnel managing and using the system. The focus of this article is about how DevOps can improve reliability when deploying in the cloud, particularly in Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments.

Four key ways to overcome security concerns in the cloud

Ten days ago I hosted a seminar on cloud security at the Public Sector Enterprise ICT conference in London. In a show of hands at the start of the discussion, the forty or so attendees were unanimous in their agreement that the issue of security is one of the most important considerations in the journey to the cloud.