What to move to the cloud: A more mature model for SMEs

Many SMBs struggle with deciding if and what to move to the cloud. Whether it’s security concerns, cost, or lack of expertise, it’s often difficult to map the best possible solution. Here are eight applications and services to consider when your organization is looking to move to the cloud and reduce their server footprint.

Worried about cloud files going to the wrong place? This startup could help

It’s every CIO’s worst nightmare. Your employees are collaborating and getting stuff done, sharing files on cloud software. But what if a device was lost, or the files ended up in the wrong hands? Meet Veradocs. The Mountain View based startup, until today operating in stealth, has announced a $14 million (£8.95m) round of funding despite not having a product, with the aim of “creating an entirely new way to secure and share information.”

Forrester 2015 predictions report explains how cloud will be “the motivator”

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Everyone who’s got an opinion will be telling the world and his dog about their predictions for cloud computing in 2015. CloudTech will bring you the very best of these in due course, but for now analyst house Forrester has got theirs in early and proclaimed 2015 is the year when companies fighting the cloud will finally be a thing of the past.